A rainy day.

Woah, where did that come form? Autumn is well and truly here! The rain has not stopped pouring today, the wind is rattling the windows and a the low rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance.

Its days like this I wished I owned a cozy cabin that looked like this (via cabinporn)

With an interior like this…

I would while away the hours making these flannel crochet edged blankets…

Oh and I would bake this beautiful Swedish cardamon buns (via honeymoon child)

Alas thats enough fantasising for now. Back to washing dishes, vacuuming and chasing after children.

10 things to make you happy.

Yes this may be a bit of fluff blog post, but hey when isn’t my blog fluffy? I like to think people visit ooh la lapin because its fun, cute and fluffy! Its also all to easy this time of year with the seasons changing to feel a bit down. On a serious note as a person who suffers from anxiety and depression its important to think good thoughts even when you feel like its impossible.

  • The work of Bryony Jennings aka Pretty Scruffy. Her beautiful shop down the road in Chichester and her textile animal sculptures are pure works of beauty!

  • The music of This is the Kit¬†always makes me feel peaceful, inspired and joyful, I often listen to them when I am working away sewing or painting. I am also excited to hear they are touring the UK and hope to catch them playing London in December.

  • The work of Parisian artist Nathalie Lete, I recently bought a bag decorated with her painting, she also makes commissioned one off pieces and 3d textile work.



  • Going for a walk on the beach on an Autumnal day, when its sunny but slightly cloudy but very breezy. Its just right now to wrap up in a big wooly, chunky socks, grab a camera and a friend and go for a bracing stroll. I love living by the sea and Southsea is the most wonderful place to live and work!

image courtesy of Often Hover, Southsea Beach.

  • Making seasonal recipes! Seasonal food is always cheaper, seasonal seems to one of these words bandied about that has lost its meaning. To me it means fresh. I really like food blog Smitten Kitchen and it has always been a go to for recipes when hosting dinner parties. Today I am giving this a go Leek, Chard and Corn Flatbread, After getting our veg box yesterday it was full of rainbow chard and I am determined to get the children to like goats cheese, they will like it, they will!!!


  • Browsing craft tutorials and starting to think about making Christmas gifts, omg yes! I love this herb garden egg box from You Are My Fav, the blog also has lots of other DIY bits and pieces.

  • A good soak! Nothing beats a bath, after the kids have been put to bed and all is still I run a bath and have a good long soak. I only do this a couple of times a month as its a luxury and keeps it special. My favourite thing to cleanse myself with is Soap and glory Clean on Me.


  • Good healthy food. I made a decision recently to eat better, I had slipped into a coma of junk and comfort food. I side affect was going up nearly two dress sizes and feeling tired and worn out. I have no problem being curvy but feeling rubbish all the time was enough. I would also never lecture people on what to eat, at the end of the day live and let live! I smoke so I can hardly judge ha ha. So when Able and Cole put a leaflet through he door I thought ‘why not?’ we have a small food budget and i think the box makes me use all the food and think about what we are cooking.

  • Good Friends! A big shout out to Naomi and Angelo for being super awesome friends, they are always here for us, back me up and a cup of tea and a chat always make it better. Also they are talented, funny and honest.

  • Laughter is the best medicine. When I’m feeling a bit blue Josh and I curl up with a season of 30 Rock and a glass of wine. I adore it so much Tina Fey plays the main character and pretty much plays herself, its fantastic.



Dress a girl


After the success of our last Southsea Sisters crafting session we will be meeting again in October to support this wonderful project.

So what will you need to bring?

  • approximately 1 metre of cotton fabric
  • an additional ¬†piece of fabric if you’d like to add a contrasting band with matching arm hole binding and fabric tie
  • 2 metres double fold bias tape, or we can make some.
  • coordinating thread
  • scissors
  • pins
  • safety pins
  • a pack of elastic (about 1/2 inch wide)

There is a nifty tutorial here and also here.

You don’t need to be an amazing seamstress, you can be a complete beginner! If you have a sewing machine that you are competent with please bring it and be prepared to help others. I will provide an iron and board and a paper pattern.



Bunny give away!


A lovely felt bunny is up for grabs, he has big ears and is very nice to cuddle. The prize also includes a goody bag with cute surprises! All you have to do to win is suggest a name for him. Do this by leaving a comment on here or on twitter @lapinlou or via Facebook. Bon chance!

Ooooh new la lapin!

Yes how exciting, Ooh la Lapin has had a makeover! Well I thought it was about time, I have chopped and changed and I know that the the time was right to pretty up the site. I must say I am very happy with the ‘new look’.

Today really feels like the first day of Autumn, I am wearing ribbed tights, brogues and a chunky knit. The air is cooler and leaves have started falling. Before we know it the evenings will be getting darker! I have been doodling away, reading, installing the ROCPO exhibition and nesting in my house.