My partner and I recently started a new series of articles for Strong Island called Dwelling. Its about the homes of Portsmouth residents that are in some way beautiful, interesting or tell a story.

You can read the interview with participants Rudy and Anna here and view all the images on a blog we set up for Dwelling.

I think you’ll agree there home is unique and full of love.





Lovely things: lacasadecoto














You can find all these beautiful items for sale in the lacasadecoto shop on etsy. To be honest who wouldn’t love one of the colourful chunky crochet cushions?

I really like the rag rugs and saw some similar handmade ones on my travels in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains a few years ago. Makers were sat outside small mountain village houses weaving and rag rugging in tiny streets. It’s so wonderful how craft can evoke so many memories and feelings. Just one of the special things about owning a handmade piece.


You can also visit the beautiful lacasadecoto blog for more wonderfulness!

A minor change

Tomorrow we are moving house, just down the street though so really not far. Packing up everything still feels like a mountain and Im tired and stressed and just want it to be over.

The plus side is that we will be restyling our interior together in the mid century style and I love a project. I have been eagerly scanning the net for images of inspiration and this is what I found.





A rainy day.

Woah, where did that come form? Autumn is well and truly here! The rain has not stopped pouring today, the wind is rattling the windows and a the low rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance.

Its days like this I wished I owned a cozy cabin that looked like this (via cabinporn)

With an interior like this…

I would while away the hours making these flannel crochet edged blankets…

Oh and I would bake this beautiful Swedish cardamon buns (via honeymoon child)

Alas thats enough fantasising for now. Back to washing dishes, vacuuming and chasing after children.

Cats and Birds, oh you look so sweet!

I almost squealed today when Josh bought to my attention this beautiful paper in Paperchase. One sheet features cats and the other birds, I knew instantly they would look perfect behind the cube shelves in our lounge. Also I am a sucker for anything kitsch, vintage and featuring animals.










nice pretty rooms and such

The adorable Mr Often Hover and Ms Ooh la Lapin get the key to there new home tomorrow. A cosy little Victorian terrace house to cherish and call our own, my two little lapins shall be in tow and are most excited about having bunk beds and a rug with a bear on it. So to celebrate here are some interiors to make you a wee bit giddy…