Vans x Liberty

This girls heart went all a flutter upon hearing the news that Liberty have leant there beautiful fabric prints to Vans for a special edition collection. I am huge fan of both and will be getting my paws on some as soon as my bank balance allows. Im not sure which are my favourite though.


Making clothes because high street clothes suck.

I’m fed up with shirts that won’t button over my boobs, skirts and trousers that sit on my hips rather than on my waist and boring fabrics, colours and quality.

Its a bit of a plunge venturing into the world of making your own clothes. I guess I can only make a few types of top and dress at the moment, maybe easy a-line skirts. I make my own patterns and draw directly onto the fabric, pinning and sticking as i go until it fits. Sometimes a bit wonky and imperfect but really beautiful.

This is a top Im working on at the moment, I can’t wait to show you the final thing!

The joy of buying handmade!

Don’t be afraid to give handmade, crafted or vintage as gifts.

A staggering 80% of my birthday gifts this year were handmade or vintage/charity shopped. I think a good rule to give yourself for buying gifts this Christmas could be 50/50, it’s manageable and fun to track down locally produced goods and the other 50% can be whatever you like. If you can manage 100% local shopping, handmade/designed/crafted then that’s fantastic, but my 6 year old wants a Furby and even though I am self employed as a toy maker by trade not even I can manage to make one of those annoying things!

I will be trying to stick to my 50/50 rule and hopefully get a bit more handmade so perhaps a 70/30 split?

I actually think it makes you happier, I can’t scientifically prove it but I think it does. Here are some gift ideas to make you happy.



Noodoll stamp set


Oooh Betty (who donates 25% profit to charity)


Mica Peet

gift tag

Felt Mountain Studio


These Folk

Best Dressed

I have been amassing quite a selection of clothing and accessories on my Pinterest. Sometimes you just pin and pin and forget to look at that board and enjoy/be inspired by the things you’ve saved. So here are some of my favourites, I hope you like them. Lots of mustards, browns and earthy tones.