Time out for this rabbit

I have decided to take a week off from blogging, twitter and evilbook (facebook) due to being totally tired out. Emotionally the past couple of months have been a real crapper. Most of you know I have a learning disabled son, a daughter, a husband, jobs and the rest so just need time to chill. The marriage needs some TLC and so does my body and of course my mental health, hoping to start some stronger meds to kick it in the ass. Will still be on email and at the gallery so if you super need me I’m always up for a friendly hello!

I’ll holla at you Friday with a post but in the time being need some time to get down to some art and hugs.

pic I took at Working Title (aspex)

A day, Christmas tree and skate shoes.

Yesterday I manned (womanned) the Aspex Light house with artists Wendy Middleditch and Letty Clarke. We started decorating our tree kindly donated by Something Interesting with families who popped in throughout the day, much fun was had! Before work I spent time with one of my kid Phoebe who was adamant she wanted some skate shoes so we hit up the Vans store and then hung out in the gallery eating cake and drawing before my shift.

Chocolate cake and art


New shoes and my old shoes


new drawing


The tree


a rabbit atop the tree





did a bit of painting


then put it on the wall



Room 237 Southsea Death Ray

Charlie did an ace article about Room 237 on Strong Island recently and yesterday I went in for my first visit. The place looks amazing, the staff were so friendly and helpful and I bought an awesome book. I really look forward to doing some joint events with the guys in 2012 including a Live Drawing Party.

I bought a copy of Dan Clowes new one The Death Ray. I finished it this morning and its amazing, I suggest you go buy a copy!


At least I don’t get death threats any more.


Ahh school, the best days of your life apparently. Not when people whisper to you in the hall ways that people like yourself should be blown apart. Yeah that shit happened to me, all because I had short hair, a flat chest, hung out in the art room and smoked pot. I remember in P.E once it being down to the last 2 people to get picked for basketball teams and the other girl got chosen over me, the reason given was she had bigger boobs. Nice.

It set you up for life. So no wonder you gravitate towards other losers, skaters, musicians, potheads, computer geeks and alike. Then you grow up and find you are all still friends and you cross paths with the same kinds of people. Like Mercury you can be separated but form back together.

One lunchtime I took a marker pen and draw all over the toilet doors, scrawled all over the walls, later on the teacher made everyone stay until someone owned up, no one did.

I wanted to die, I used to sit on my bedroom windowsill at night smoking cheap cigarettes in our suburban home wishing I would just fall onto the patio in my nightie. Imagine my parents faces as they find me in a crumpled heap in the morning dew, cigarette still in my mouth…

Luckily I got through school and went to art college, I’d come home, at last I belonged. I drew this today it celebrates that.

Be fearless.

Boys Who Do it Well: part 7

Oh the long awaited post that is BWDIW! It feels like an age since last weeks bevy of local boys. Drum roll please. heres this weeks list of whose hot and creative…

I have been waiting ages to feature this guy and have a HUGE art crush on him, its Corey Arnold!

He only came to my attention a few weeks ago in Brussels train station when I bought a copy of Snoecks magazine. His photography on the front made me part with 15euros even though I couldnt understand a word in the magazine, gazing at the pictures was worth it!. I cant begin to list all his amazing projects here so you have to go see for yourself .

Next up is musician King Charles,  pretty songs and rocking a strong look. He most definitely has it going on, I wonder if he is looking for a Queen? call me yeah?


Ed Templeton is a skater and artist. Some of his work can be pretty challenging and you kind of want to look away and then look again. His wife also features a lot in his work. My favourite series that Ed did was called ‘Teenage Kissers’ and its very poignant.

some images from ‘Teenage Kissers’

Thats all for this weeks effort!

Dead octopus, Special Brew: Portsmouth

I love my City, as you probably know from previous posts! If you have never visited Portsmouth your missing out. Most visitors only ever see Gunwharf Quays. A City is a real place, it has rubbish in it, empty buildings, discarded seafood, gorgeous views and you love it! So yesterday a.m before work I took some photos.

Its not just boats here, but boats are awesome

a secret place

equals happiness


little blue boat

Thats your week sorted

Two Boats


There is a God

Pal Europe looking large

Brunel House

South East


All photos taken on my phone.

lazy as an oaf and HORT.

Just a quick one today as I’m off to do all sorts of magic at work! Yesterday I checked out the Lazy Oaf website for potential Christmas jumpers. I was grinning from ear to ear to see so much happy in one place! Great designs and designers from the UK, keep it British.

My lovely friend and co worker Wendy Middleditch shared this video with us when we were in France and I cant get it out of  my head that this is the kinda place I would like to work! Check out Hort an awesome design haven.


Inside my house, a home.

Its dark in the house today so I did some rubbish phonography of the things I like about my palace.

Painting by me, hangs in the toilet.

What job? by me

My studio


my cat, Wilbur





I painted this Japanese guy eating noodles when I lived in Germany.





Print of two crabs by Quiet Corners, the only thing that hangs in the hall way.


Just finished this piece yesterday. Depressed fox.

My sewing area, on a tidy day, seriously.

Things that changed me, warning honest stuff.

I want to dedicate this post to Jo Willoughby, Jo is an artist and just generally a legend. Last night we sat in work till 9pm making and drawing and talking. I felt like we spoke about what brought us to this point in our lives and the things that were responsible for this. I felt a bit tearful to be honest! I know I wouldn’t hang bunting in public spaces if it wasn’t for these things, huh?

Firstly reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath made me realise I wasn’t the only young women in the world who felt isolated. A revelation to a 16 year old with chronic depression and anorexia. I just felt I couldn’t/wouldn’t ever fit into any of ‘this’. The Bell Jar said to me ‘your not the only one and that’s ok’.

image by Burrow press

The other book that did a similar thing was ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D Salinger. It was like it was ok to feel a certain way, its not a dirty thing to sometimes feel sad or like you want to run away from school/work or fall in love. Your human.

Around the same time I discovered this Bowie album and listened to my parents vinyl of it on a record player in my bedroom. It was like hearing music for the first time, dope probably helped that along.

To be honest most days I couldn’t even face anything without smoking a lot of pot first, a pipe, it was like an old friend.

Suffice to say I don’t condone any of it, neither do I deny it, without it I wouldn’t be here now typing this out. I’ve come close to dying and skirted around the edge of that big black hole. You needn’t feel alone though and like no one understands because more people than you could ever imagine have. The good thing is, its get better. You learn to turn it into some amazing things.


Klaus the cat and girls.

Klaus by Richard Short is a beautiful tale of a cat, and reminds me of Tove Janssons Moomins. It is very funny and I love the way Klaus is surrounded by human rat like creatures. If you enjoy a dry sarcastic sense of humour then this is the book for you! Order it here.

My current lady muses for fashion and attitude include…

Kim Gordon

Artist and musician Clare Rojas aka Peggy Honeywell

Karen O

Cat Power

Kimya Dawson