making felt

I had an amazing time making felt at a primary school in Portsmouth the other day. I was so impressed and the lovely artist that I worked with called Suzie gave me the left over merino wool. So today I got my kids involved at home making a ‘Lapin’ felt picture. I especially wanted to see how Joel took to it as he has autism, well, it was  a sucess, so hopefully we will be doing more felting!

Joel gets involved

Finished pics up soon!


my flickr has more Ooh la Lapin lovliness, Im also keen for customers to share there pics of any Ooh la Lapin rabbits. Post them on your flickr and let me know and I’d like to show some in there ‘new homes’ or ‘out and about’ on the Ooh la Lapin site!

pacman ghost.

From the pages of the sketchbook...

…to this


I made him as a birthday present, Joel has been invited to a party today for a little lad from his school. Way to young to know pacman, but the ghosts are kinda awesome.

New work.

relaxing rabbits

nautical cushion

cotswolds shopper bag

Florence bag

little owl

deco bag

pick and mix purses

These items and more will be on sale Saturday at the King Street Tavern in Southsea.