wrapping up twigs and painting photos with bleach

I am feeling a little under the weather with a horrible cold (achooo!) so a day of making and experimenting was in order. A little mission through the garden waste to find a stick to make a mobile. I then took some of Often Hovers prints and enhanced/destroyed them with bleach, all before lunch.


Hello house and things of wonder.

Just messing around with the Pudding Camera app, ooh I like it. Its similar to Instagram but has other options like fish eye, which is o.k, not brilliant though. You can select the type of film you want to use and share and transport images easily. Thumbs up for this camera app!



Cornbread and super funtimes

So tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of good friend and fellow blogger Charlie of Southsea Food Social. Naturally Charlie is throwing a superb BBQ at his Grans beautiful Southsea residence. Im really looking forward to seeing the garden which from what I have seen in photos looks wonderful. So aside from a birthday gift its customary to bring a side/salad/booze to such an event. I have decided upon making Cornbread (never made it before, eek) I think it will perfect, for one it has chilli in it, already a winner!


Dress a girl (or boy) around the world.

Hey guys, hows it going? I came across this wonderful charity this week and would love to get involved. A UK maker Louise Horler who runs Sew Scrumptious is a real champion for the project and you can find all the info you need here. Also take some time to read Dress a Girl Around the World. I would take great pleasure in using my skills and time to make these wonderful clothes. You can find plenty of patterns online which are suitable for the most novice of sewers.

pattern 1

pattern 2 pdf

pattern 3

If you would like to get together and have a sewing session to make some little dresses and live in my area please contact me and we can set up some sessions.

Lots of re-jigging and competition winner

Things will be ‘changing’ a wee bit over the next few weeks on the blog. Soon you will reach a home page and be given options like visiting the blog, looking at my work or reading my cv/bio. Its to kind of give a broader overview of what I do, hopefully it will be pretty and lovely.

Also a big congratulations to @auntiep who won the Racoon tee plus goodies for suggesting a Fennec Fox for the next ooh la lapin tee and tote range. Well here is your idea come to life, enjoy!