Oh hi there, long time no see.


Hello, its been a couple of years since I last stepped out as Ooh la Lapin. You see I’ve been a bit busy. I met a man named Willis and I married him and then this little guy above popped along, we named him Wilson. I went back to college and worked for a bit in care looking after people.

Life got very complicated with three children, especially as Joel my eldest is severely autistic and needs 24 hour care. Throw a baby in the mix and it’s a recipe for a lot of love but a lot of stress.

I have decided to return to the place I am most happy and alive and that’s being Ooh la Lapin. Like having a super hero identity but without any cool abilities, just the ability to make funny looking toys.

I’m happy to be back and can’t wait to see what this year has in store!



Online store is open!

Hurray finally my little shop is open for business! Expect more items to be added in the next 48 hours.

For the next two weeks if you use the special code HELLOLAPIN you get 15% discount off all toys.  Just a little hello and hi to all of you who have supported my work.

Expect more wonderful work and toward wintertime all of my pieces will come with a beautiful printed linen drawstring bag to keep your toy in.



All aboard the design bus!

Eriks Designbuss is a fantastic mobile studio and office. Based in Sweden and always hitting the road this fantastic vehicle is a great example of innovation and the idea that great art and design can be brought out into the community. Kind of like a mobile library or bank, bringing his design business to different communities, sometimes remote and heck it just looks like a lot of fun!

“I want to explore my role as a designer and be my own producer, in the same time challenge the norms in the business” says Erik Olovsson.

Maybe the local pizzeria needs help with new menus? The dentist a new business card? The local gallery a better logo, the farmer a new sign on the barn? The journey started on March 12 in Stockholm and is ongoing. The bus has visited several places in Sweden and Erik has completed around 20 commissions for people that he has got in contact with along the way.

Ideas for new makes

Let’s get fresh with some ideas for making super awesome things. It’s not hard just use your hands and begin to create something new.

Sometimes it’s hard to set aside a time for being creative. I find early mornings with a cup of coffee work well and sometimes I just don’t ‘feel’ like I can do it.

(click on images for links, yay)


Vintage children’s fabric from my dear friend.


Rummaging for treasure with Naomi in brand new store Untold Story.

I liked this little chair on the wall.


New toys from the depths of my mind

With time at a premium and various projects going on its sometimes hard to find time to make! Im currently gearing up to project manage Rubble Office Portsmouth with my creative partner and boyfriend Josh Knill under the banner of Tinder Wolf our collaboration. I have also been appointed curator and gallery manager of The Gold Room Gallery at Room 237 in Southsea, so its vital I actually have time to make stuff and be an awesome mum.