Cookies for Autumn.

Today is the first day of the kids half term holiday and between trips into the gallery its all about my brood.

Today I thought its perfect weather to stay indoors and do some baking. Its cold and rainy outside but the kitchen is warm and cosy. I love searching for recipes on the net, so hard to decide what to bake!


1, Fork vs Spoon Chocolate Shortbread

2. Kirbie Cravings Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

3.Smitten Kitchen Crispy Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies.

Great style for curvy girls.

As a size 14-16 girl I love looking at images of other curvy girls to get style ideas. I often find it hard to imagine myself in outfits featured online because the models are so slim. I ask myself ‘How would that hang on me?’ ‘Would it suit my shape?’ and I end up feeling a little frustrated.

I love all shapes on women and I am certainly not anti skinny, if your happy and it feels right for you, enjoy it. Nobody owns your body but you. If skinny girls only saw clothes/styles/looks modelled by bigger girls I think they would find it hard.

Here are some beautiful looks I found on my internet travels, enjoy…



For true style perfection you cant beat The Curvy Elle.

Dear friend it’s been a while…

Hello dear reader! Sorry for the lack of posting recently, a trip to Manchester to see family coupled with a huge increase in workload from managing a gallery has contributed to a lack blog love.

If you haven’t done so already please visit The Gold Room my gallery’s facebook page and give us a ‘like’. Getting likes makes you feel loved and this gallery really is a labour of love.

Im very excited to have exhibitions coming up from artists like Rich Lansley, Philippa Rice and Growabrain. For a small non profit gallery in the basement of a fantastic comic and book store ROOM 237 we are doing well.

Philippa Rice

Rich Lansley


Ch ch ch changes.

Amazingly I have given up smoking, Im on day 6. Its getting easier with each day. Maybe its the change in the season, makes it easier to change something in your life. Its not an easy choice and I haven’t been out to a bar yet drinking, that will be a huge test of strength not to smoke. If I can do it I will prove to myself that I am capable of self control, this is something that at 29 years old has eluded me most of my life.

Lets celebrate the change in season and the freedom of stopping.



Autumn sun.

Josh and I do enjoy a sunny yet crisp autumn day and where we live in the centre of Southsea we are spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying a coffee al fresco. After dropping the children at school and before work started we stopped in at Casa De Castro. The back garden is so sweet, lots of pottery, plants and benches. The homemade pastries and cakes are so good and the atmosphere is laid back and unpretentious. More days like this please!