Hello little friends.

Delicious and delightful record cafe Pie & Vinyl have now taken delivery of some new little friends! Fear not if you don’t live near by they are also in my Folksy shop.

However I thoroughly recommend a visit to P and V as it is one of the most magical shops ever dreamt up. Where else can you eat pie, ice cream sundaes and drink ginger bear out of tea pots and buy records?






Hello Folksy!

I am pleased as punch to announce I now have a shop on Folksy!

If you haven’t heard of Folksy then in a nutshell it’s just for UK makers and no ‘vintage’ tat or mass produced stuff masquerading as ‘craft’. Here is there kind of mission statement:

Why do we ‘do’ Folksy? We mainly do it because we believe in:

Craft skills. We love craft and design skills, the process by which people use their creativity and talent to make beautiful work. Most of all, we love making.
Strength in numbers. Professional, portfolio and hobbyist designer-makers can reach a mainstream audience, test markets and grow their business more effectively on Folksy rather than through costly galleries and boutique shops.
Cottage industries. Small scale production and handmade goods offer ways to be creative, manage resources effectively and support local economies.
Meritocracy. Any designer-maker can list their work as long as it is hand crafted (no vintage or mass manufactured work is allowed). This creates a meritocracy where great work from hobbyists can rub shoulders with the best from established professional crafters. The work should stand for itself.
David not Goliath. 🙂





New toys!

FUJI3673 FUJI3706


I have recently moved into a new shared studio space and I am surrounded by graphic designers, app designers and other very clever and creative people. I felt a little self conscious at first but feel settled in now and I am happy that my toys get lots of positive attention from my co-workers.

This week I have designed a new character and have nearly finished a wonderful owl like character!




Toys of the most recent variety.

I have now moved into my lovely studio space at Neon Studios in Portsmouth, I’m very happily pottering away and making lovely characters.

The tortoise family seems to be a big hit and lots of orders have come flooding in. Remember if you see something you like just email oohlalapin@gmail.com and I will make you a friend or two!






Flash sale in my shop!

It’s time to make some room on the shelves of the little Ooh la Lapin shop. Most toys have a generous 50% off so its a great opportunity to treat yourself to a new friend or save one for someone special as a gift! Handmade cards are also in the sale at only 90p each.

The sale only lasts for one week so I hope you find a happy stitchy friend to love!



Rabbit Day winners




I asked you to tell me why handmade toys are better than massed produced factory ones?

I got so many wonderful answers via instagram and the website, it was very hard to choose three winners. Please don’t be sad if you didn’t win, as I said it was a very close call.

The three winners are…

Billie Cawte

Debi 9 Kids

Making Mondays

I liked Making Mondays response…

I’ve always loved handmade toys. My grandma used to sew me stuffed animals and my grandpa built me some wooden ducks. They were very cool, they were just for me. None of my friends had anything like that. And now that my grandparents are gone, the toys will be a way to share part of my grandparents with my children.

I think we tend to keep handmade or artisan products for generations as it means so much more and is not just a disposable item. The wooden ducks sound adorable.

Please email your postal addresses to oohlalapin@gmail.com

ooh la lapin

Handmade shopping: Yellow

With all this happy beautiful sunshine it influences how I work. I feel like using yellow, green and orange fabrics and paints. So even when the dark wintery weather returns you have captured some sunshine in your handmade items.

The weather really does effect shopping habits and I think I am far more drawn to bright colours. Well. actually I’m drawn to bright colours anyway being a totally kitsch colour lover!

Here are some beautiful sunny handmade pieces for you to enjoy…




Plush Fox Pillow by Laura frisk


Natural wood earrings by Redemption Shore


Seagull Print by Showler and Showler



Custard Cream Cushion by Nikki McWilliams


Backpack in Cable Cars by Ben The Illustrator

Off to market.

We all do it, spend wistful hours window shopping on the net. Im moving home in the next few weeks to a much bigger nest and cant wait to find new homes for all my precious tat. By this I mean my bunny and owl ornaments and charity shop paintings.

I also get a studio which I have to reluctantly share with my super organised photographer boyfriend. Half each, so guess which side is going to be wall to wall colour and kitsch?

Here is some lovely stuff I would like to buy, if I had money!


Urban Outfitters Toadstool £75

Inside out Mid Century Lamp, Folly and Glee £65

Crochet Hook Roll, Blue Rabbit House £21

 Bertoia chair and footstool, Lovely & Company £449

Boxed Soap, RE £5

Blanket Tote, Bonjour Johanna 80euro

Oh I do like crochet.

I can knit but somehow never got the hang of it. I can do a few stitches and knit squares and scarves but other than that I fail greatly.

Crochet however I love so much and it somehow clicked in my brain and now we are firm friends. I just wish I had more time to work on bigger crochet projects. Here are some beautiful crochet pieces, I rather like the idea of the lampshades, maybe thats the next project!

(click on the images for links, neat huh?)

Sexy Handmade

Handmade doesn’t have to mean twee (although I love a bit of tweeness), it can be anything you can imagine. All things are ‘made’ and what could be lovelier than beautiful handmade lingerie. Classic, comfortable and stylish.

Mistress Collection on Folksy fulfils all my wishes when it comes to sexy and chic lingerie. All the styles available would suit most body shapes and all ages. The kimono is stunning as are the knickers. I can also see myself wafting through the house in a set of their pyjamas!