girl crush

Im not afraid to admit that I would go gay for Satomi from Deerhoof, she is amazing!

Satomi is a great performer her outfits rock, a real lover of textile, colour and pattern.

On another note I am totally digging this song by Wavves at the moment, its a beach day today and this makes me feel good!

What does it mean to make?

I feel like I have reached a seminal point as an artist and maker in my life. I want this to be the most beautiful thing I can achieve, I want to live freely and half the time I wander around in a dream.

There is nothing wrong with not having a 9-5 or a steady income, this really is your life and you own it, peace out!

via Being Lady Lucy

via justadandak


and because I bloody love this guy its Mogo Takahashi again…

party on


This week is going to be party central, what with the Strong Island 3rd Birthday celebration on Thursday and then the preview of Working Title at Aspex on Friday! It’s bound to be a bit of a boozy couple of days. So I was looking at handmade decoration. Simple, cute and stylish.

Eco friendly art mobile by Yummy Ink

handmade garland from 1000 handmade

via Charlottes Fancy



fabric ribbon via hip hip hooray

Good times!

current obsession

Super Cute Kawaii

I thought I would carry on the Japan theme as it runs strongly through my work. This is stuff I love at the moment!

The oh so amazing Mochimochiland

The first ever sticker I put on my sewing machine was an APAK one, the first of many stickers!!!

Im also really fascinated how soft toys and animals translate into Japanese cinema, I know I dont normal post vidoe clips but these are really interesting…

lost in translation

I am trying at the moment to get a Residency or research trip to Japan. If you know anyone that has spare sofa or floor they can let me sleep on please let me know. I have applied for a few things and put some feelers out there so I will let you know how it goes!

Heres some of my bestest J-art stuff.

Anything from the adorable and talented Hello Sandwich


The amazing Mogu Takahashi, his toys inspire me so much!




I get most of my fashion style from Japan street fashion.  Japan Streets is an acepage for inspiration.



my home and new stuff

I have been snap happy today, there are some pics of my little house and a dress I have made for myself. Sadly you can see all the dress because I  cant photo myself whole! I will try and get a better dress pic though!

stitched paper hearts garland




The fabric curtain hides all the junk


top part of my dress I made up a pattern for



Roll up

I was really happy to be asked to take part in this, thats me ‘Louise Bush’. There will be some amazing artists taking part and a chance to own something really special.

See you there!