An end, a beginning.

Yesterday I think I reached the bottom and had an out pouring of grief like I have never felt before. Sometimes perhaps you have to break to realise that you need fixing.

This morning I woke up and I produced three paintings in quick succession, more than I have painted in three months. Brave new feelings have been found and demons have been fought and destroyed. Taking solace in creativity is a wonderful thing, to take a blank page and fill it with colour, a pile of materials and make something new. Oh what a metaphor for life.


Some things that made me smile today…

Maria Carluccio


1950’s card

Becca Stadtlander

Traditional eskimo folk art: Bear Emerging from Sea

Artist unknown

Hemzo Karoly

Traditional wooden dolls.

I Love Grey Skies

Every now and again you come across an artist who just fall in love with ‘I Love Grey Skies’ is just that! With one shop under that name and another as Herman Marie you will find the most delightful work. Anything illustrative, happy and that tells a story I am drawn to, I think my animals would love to make friends with some of these characters.


herman lion herman hermandog hermanlionhouse anatomicalmook mooklion

Inspiration time

Hello, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day! It’s been great having time off recently with the family and we have all been nursing each other back to health. Winter time sadly comes with a few sniffles, aches and pains. Roll on Spring I say.

I have had time to reflect on how I will take myself forward as an artist in 2013, I’m hoping to preview my work at more high profile events like ‘Made’ and ‘Craftacular‘. Also packaging designs for limited runs of toys and design service for bespoke requests. So lots for me to be getting on with.

As always scouring the internet, books and the world outside for inspiration is a daily routine for me. Here are some things filling my mind with goodness at the moment.

I found this on Tumblr and sadly do not know who the artist is!

Photo courtesy of the Sartorialist

1950’s Advert

via Where Your Heart Is

Again I am unsure of the artist.

via Fuckyeahwoodenclogs

Wes Lang Bird Print

image via Tumblr


Vintage Bunny figures Little Red Polkadots

Sexy Handmade

Handmade doesn’t have to mean twee (although I love a bit of tweeness), it can be anything you can imagine. All things are ‘made’ and what could be lovelier than beautiful handmade lingerie. Classic, comfortable and stylish.

Mistress Collection on Folksy fulfils all my wishes when it comes to sexy and chic lingerie. All the styles available would suit most body shapes and all ages. The kimono is stunning as are the knickers. I can also see myself wafting through the house in a set of their pyjamas!


Japanese Craft Books

I have a small yet impressive collection of Japanese crafts books and I feel a serious addiction could form if I let it. I keep the books right next to the sofa so when I am sipping on a cup of tea I leaf through them dreamily.

I dream of all the tiny creature I could crochet and the array of slightly quirky and wonky toys I could craft.

Perhaps today I will.







Alpine Kitsch: Oh Marie

Beautiful Dutch online magazine Oh Marie has launched it’s latest issue ‘Alpine Kitsch’. I can’t describe how visually delicious it is, cute, festive and stylish. It would soften the hardest of hearts to the romance of Alpine living.

I want to step into the pages and surround myself with deer, cuckoo clocks and alpine blooms. I know you will feel the same and take inspiration from the styling guide, little craft projects, interviews and photography.

alpine alpine1 alpine2 alpine3 alpinekitsch

Colour inspiration

I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing this week, designing a banner for my Folksy shop that will launch in the New Year and some rabbit paintings.

When faced with a palette of water colours I know the amount of colours I could mix is endless and sometimes it helps to have some images to inspire your use of colour.