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You can find all these beautiful items for sale in the lacasadecoto shop on etsy. To be honest who wouldn’t love one of the colourful chunky crochet cushions?

I really like the rag rugs and saw some similar handmade ones on my travels in the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountains a few years ago. Makers were sat outside small mountain village houses weaving and rag rugging in tiny streets. It’s so wonderful how craft can evoke so many memories and feelings. Just one of the special things about owning a handmade piece.


You can also visit the beautiful lacasadecoto blog for more wonderfulness!

Workspace, dog place and more.

Im so so thrilled to at last have a studio space again! Its been over a year since I last had a work space to make in.

Our little dog Margot is settling in so well, she sleeps by my feet under the desk as I sew and embroider.

We have faced so many hardships over the past year as a family and I can at last try and have some peace, quiet and space to think and relax in. I don’t underestimate what a special thing this is.










British Sea Birds will be available next week exclusively from Southsea Coffee!


7 things I like.

Frankie Magazine

I just had the latest edition delivered to my door and its wonderful.

What more could I want in a magazine than art, design, thoughtful writing and beautiful photography?

Tom Gauld

From weekly cartoonist for the Guardian with ‘Where’s my jetpack’ to wonderful illustration and wit.

Miscellaneous Adventures

Beautifully handcrafted wooden items.

Born from a fascination with the natural world, adventures in mountains and forests and objects with magical properties, Miscellaneous Adventures is a new craft project by illustrator and maker Andrew Groves.



Digitally printed plushies, posters and home ware are all in the Plingsulli Store.

Enjoy the naive and colourful work.

Bubble Dogs

The coupling of gourmet hot dogs and champagne sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

It can only be a short amount of time before we have a gourmet hot dog joint in my city (please).


Shannon and the Clams

Basically my new favourite band with a kick ass female lead and a surf punk rock vibe

to accompany the best summer ever!


88 Forever

A beautiful blog filled to the brim with recipes, photography, art and life.

Ch ch ch changes.

Amazingly I have given up smoking, Im on day 6. Its getting easier with each day. Maybe its the change in the season, makes it easier to change something in your life. Its not an easy choice and I haven’t been out to a bar yet drinking, that will be a huge test of strength not to smoke. If I can do it I will prove to myself that I am capable of self control, this is something that at 29 years old has eluded me most of my life.

Lets celebrate the change in season and the freedom of stopping.