Visual Treats

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, things have been busy, children have been poorly and  family life is at the forefront.

I have still had time to work on some new pieces and the lovely Often Hover has shot some beautiful photos which I will post up soon. In the meantime let’s look at some nice stuff…



Vintage advertising and Tokyo kinder Film Fest


Gillian Hamilton shares her crochet cushion process.

The artwork of Lindsay Watson

Atelier Stella Ceramics

The beautiful work of Morimoto Shouhei

The very talented illustrator Natasha Durley 

Handmade shopping: Yellow

With all this happy beautiful sunshine it influences how I work. I feel like using yellow, green and orange fabrics and paints. So even when the dark wintery weather returns you have captured some sunshine in your handmade items.

The weather really does effect shopping habits and I think I am far more drawn to bright colours. Well. actually I’m drawn to bright colours anyway being a totally kitsch colour lover!

Here are some beautiful sunny handmade pieces for you to enjoy…




Plush Fox Pillow by Laura frisk


Natural wood earrings by Redemption Shore


Seagull Print by Showler and Showler



Custard Cream Cushion by Nikki McWilliams


Backpack in Cable Cars by Ben The Illustrator

Artist crush: Karin Hagen

Happy Monday to all my lovely readers! Well I can report that the move was a complete success. I must say a big huge gigantic thank you to our friends who helped us, we couldn’t have done it without you. Expect house pics to be posted up in the coming weeks!

I came across Karin Hagen when I saw an image of one of her ceramics, a wonderfully formed wonky little cup adorned with hand painted leopards. Her animal illustrations are full of character and charm.

Karin’s blog shows you the evolution of her creative practice from sketchbook doodles to the end results in earthenware, portraits and other medium.









Spring Colour… inspiration.

In the midst of an uber busy time at the gallery I know how important it is for me to keep my site healthy and active. I am so excited because tomorrow we have an exhibition of photography at work by Ali Tollervey which is of the band Dark Horses. The band will be there and then we get to see them perform live afterwards at The Registry. Then on Saturday we have our Zine Fair which I’m beyond happy about!

To get us in the mood for a super Spring Easter weekend here are some images I came across on my tumblr. I will credit images where I can.



In-dy tumblr

I took this photo last week at Portsmouth Museums Teddy Bear exhibition. this bear is my favourite.

Raw Draw.

Sheila Forde

yeh loser

Illustration Friday

Wow that was quick! Another week has passed us by and I hope that everyone has returned happily to work, school and home life routine feeling happy. This time of year can feel so dull and the art’s and culture can provide us with a much needed boost. So go visit a museum, gallery or park this weekend and feel good.

Here is a pick of some wonderful illustrative work to give your eyes and mind a boost! (click on the images for links, yay)

I Love Grey Skies

Every now and again you come across an artist who just fall in love with ‘I Love Grey Skies’ is just that! With one shop under that name and another as Herman Marie you will find the most delightful work. Anything illustrative, happy and that tells a story I am drawn to, I think my animals would love to make friends with some of these characters.


herman lion herman hermandog hermanlionhouse anatomicalmook mooklion

Dear friend it’s been a while…

Hello dear reader! Sorry for the lack of posting recently, a trip to Manchester to see family coupled with a huge increase in workload from managing a gallery has contributed to a lack blog love.

If you haven’t done so already please visit The Gold Room my gallery’s facebook page and give us a ‘like’. Getting likes makes you feel loved and this gallery really is a labour of love.

Im very excited to have exhibitions coming up from artists like Rich Lansley, Philippa Rice and Growabrain. For a small non profit gallery in the basement of a fantastic comic and book store ROOM 237 we are doing well.

Philippa Rice

Rich Lansley