Bon voyage lapin

So for the next week I’m off to ‘Ventas del Carrizel’ our families hideaway in Andalucia, north of the majestic city of Granada. Its incredibly romantic as the picture above shows some of the back streets of the Islamic old quarter the Albaicin.

So we arrive in the sleepy village tomorrow where I am assured the house is well stocked with wine, we will be traveling with my parents and kids so a big family jaunt off to southern Spain!

Regular trips to the olive grove next to the house are required to walk off hefty lunches of fresh bread, mountain ham, Manchego Cheese and glugs of olive oil! Its fantastic to be able to take my autistic son to such a calm place for his holidays, the village residents are curios and friendly about our presence and adore the children.

Phoebe is looking forward to doing one of the ‘Tapas Routes’ through Granada and has asked if she can try snails and clams cooken sherry at El Caracoles in the Albaicin. Weird for a 4 year old dont you think?

So next time I post I will be writing about my adventures in Spanish fabric stores!!!

skirt is done

So after this mornings Make it Monday I ran up a skirt on my machine with some vintage 1970’s fabric (not everyone’s cup of tea) but I love it. Its a wrap skirt and it makes me feel joyous!

Make it Monday

Ive had this tutorial bookmarked for a while but fancy giving it a go today and making some wrap skirts for me too. Im off to Spain next week and will be writing a piece about fabric shopping in Granada and Cordoba.

As usual Purl Bee has super ‘makes’ so check it out!

  • Wrap skirts are super easy, just fold the fabric round you one and half times, make a little mark on your hip where the skirt should tie up.
  • Cut fabric accordingly size/length.
  • make some fabric tape or buy some ready made or some nice bias binding.
  • hem the skirt at the bottom and then sew bias binding at the top or the tape leaving a length to tie your skirt, a voila!

You could also take an existing wrap skirt you have and just copy it, so easy and then you can choose whatever fabrics you want.

You can also find a good article/tutorial here for a reversible wrap skirt.

Or try a patchwork skirt to use up random fabrics, it doesn’t have to be floor length a knee length one would look sweet!

Well Im off to make mine in a bit so I will post the results later!

Tea and Cloth 28th April

Its on the eve of that wedding that everyone’s talking about. So if you’ve got Friday off work why not come down Thursday evening and have a few glasses of wine instead of tea? Yes we have alcohol now at Tea and Cloth, super.

Ou est la Lapin update!

A massive thankyou to everyone who has and is taking part. I only got emailed one set of pics and took some photos myself and others I have gleaned from facebook etc.

So far I havent heard from any ‘finders’ which is a bit of a shame. Ho hum thats the ‘public art’ gamble!

This drawn bunny is from

Nikou Nazaripour

Here is My Dog Sighs snapped outside The Round Tower painting bunnies and gifting them away.

I will be adding more photos this week so PLEASE PLEASE email me if you have any photos and I can add them to the blog!

Cheers x this project is going really well x

make it for my man

I am totally aware that ‘Make it Monday’ passed me by this week. Well I have been kinda distracted, its half term for starters and when Im not going crazy cause I dont have 2 pairs of arms and eyes everywhere for Joel its just been hectic!

So today I printed my man a t- shirt cause were going to the Strong Island exhibition tonight and I wanted to make him something cool to wear and I love him!

So here’s how you make a shirt print with electrical tape.

  • Sketch out a design, mines  a stag cause my mans a total stag grrrr.

  • I drew the design on his tee with biro and then started to block out bits I didnt want the fabric paint to get. Oh yes and I put a magazine inside the shirt not only to keep a flat surface but to stop the ink running through to the other side.

  • I poured out a bit of fabric paint and cut up an old cleaning sponge ready to start.

  • Start sponging that beast!

  • I dried it a bit with my hot air styling brush, classy.

  • Then peel the tape off carefully!

  • Yay, sorry about the poor photo skills, but you get the idea it kinda rocks.

dont forget

If you have given me a bunny I will hide it tomorrow and take photographic evidence of the ‘hiding’. If you are doing the hiding yourself please send ooh la lapin a photo at


Thank you to all the contributors its a lovely way to start a fantastic weekend!

not long now…

Yes its this Friday!!!

visit  the site for all the latest news and pics.

Ms Lapin is so excited that she bought a vintage black play suit from Hideout on Albert Road for the occasion. It has bright pink lightening bolts on it so I look like super hero! The whole occasion of all the creatives in Pompey coming together makes me feel super! We can do anything when people pull together.

Saw this dress today on Rag and Magpie and I love it!

Kinda wish I’d bought this, its super cute!


really like this Whale necklace from Adrianne

If I had a chuck of change I’d buy these shoes to compliment the dress and necklace

Ooh sometimes I wish I could be stylist!


Im so proud of this event, its the first time I have organised something like this!

So I’m looking for some helpers please to make the day an awesome event that not only raises the profile of Indie Craft in our city but raises money for project ‘Cast Away’ (see earlier post about this project).

  • Im looking for sellers, its £10 a table or £5 half table.
  • If you know your Indie better than Steve Lamacq get in touch and play some tunes as a d.j.
  • help man the door and take donations for ‘Cast Away’
  • donate small things for handmade goodie bags.
  • give out flyers
  • man the table and help out making monsters from old t-shirts for some up cycling craft action!
  • Bring some craft, knit,crochet,doodling and grab a drink and some cake.

The most important thing is to get involved, dont be afraid and dont moan your not creative, you are. Most people are creative after a few pints!