Goats cheese, blueberry and prosciutto pizza.


Blueberries on a pizza is so right, they are just like little fragrant tomatoes that make the dough around them go a violent purple. The saltiness of the goats cheese and the crispy ham make this one of the best homemade pizzas I have ever cooked!

Whip up some pizza dough, Im lazy and get my bread maker to do it. Knead out and flatten.

I mixed some tomato puree, garlic, a little passatta and some torn basil leaves together and spread that on the base.

A tiny sprinkling of mozzarella and generous amount of soft goats cheese crumbled over that followed by a handful of blueberries and strips of prosciutto. Bake for 15 mins until golden and the ham is all crispy.

Serve with a simple tomato and caper berry salad or lots of coleslaw. 


The latest

I am so in love with instagram, it really is the best way of keeping a visual diary of all your daily goings on.

Here are some of my latest adventures…

On location doing a toy shoot in the woods.

Date night at our local funfair.

My little dachshund Margot.

I visited the Cartoon Museum in Holborn, London last week.

Pistachio Macaroon at Salon Paul in London.

My vintage cat ornament collection.

New tags

Cafe garden at Casa de Castro

Eggs and asparagus lunch.

Finishing off Mr Lumberjack in the studio.

Seahorse Trust exhibition

I was really stoked to be asked to create a piece of work for a fundraising exhibition for the Seahorse Trust. It’s a wonderful thing to make lovely toy animals that in turn will be sold to help wildlife, kinda fitting!

If you would like to attend the opening it’s on Thursday the 15th August 7pm at Le Cafe Parisien. Lots of awesome artists are involved including Angela Chick and Rocky the Zombie.





Online store is open!

Hurray finally my little shop is open for business! Expect more items to be added in the next 48 hours.

For the next two weeks if you use the special code HELLOLAPIN you get 15% discount off all toys.  Just a little hello and hi to all of you who have supported my work.

Expect more wonderful work and toward wintertime all of my pieces will come with a beautiful printed linen drawstring bag to keep your toy in.