At home with Ooh la Lapin!

You are invited.

When: Saturday 6th November 1.30 – 3.30pm

Where: 26 Ruskin Road, Southsea, PO4 8RQ

Why? You ask… A drop of tea, a slice of cake and a look at some lovely bits to buy, all from local makers.

Including hand knits, Christmas/interior decorations, gifts, cards and lots of ideas for Christmas makes!

Come and have a nose around my home too and find some inspiration for all kinds of craft projects

Other contributors to be announced!

knittin kitten

My friend ‘Super Elly’ knits like a kick ass stitchin queen.

She will be at the next ‘Ooh la Lapin’ sale, details to be released soon!

Here are some photos of her creations and make sure to pick one up as a part of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, because handmade is well made!

busy bee

So this weekend has been really busy!

I have done 2 awesome workshops at the Kings Theatre, check out some pictures below.

Everyone worked really hard to produce some fabric panels to make a wall hanging that will be displayed in the Theatre.

I also had the privilege of helping to display the work from the Heart2Art group at Aspex Gallery. Check out Heart 2 Art in the sidebar to the right of this post!

Friday night was the awesome Futurators event at Aspex, check out the facebook page here.

here are a couple of photos…

Pretty Scruffy's donkey!

Now its time for  a lay down!

Kings Theater pre-schooler day tommorow!

Tomorrow Mrs Lapin will be at the Kings Theater Southsea from 10am to 3pm.

For £2.50 you and your little one can enter the Theater and explore it, take part in drama and dance workshops on stage! I will be in the gorgeous Edwardian saloon bar running a ‘Fabric Picnic’ Pots of buttons and baskets offabric to mess about with and create a collage! All the pieces we make will be combined to create a wall hanging to go on display in the Theater!

My example for the workshop.

Sale on oohlalapin today.

Hello little rabbits if you click on my etsy tab or ‘Buy oohlalapin’ at the top of the page you can stop by and check out the lovely stuff I have for sale. For the next week everything is pretty much half price.

Im trying to make some room for all the bits I will be making for Christmas, so take this opportunity to own something totally handmade by a local lady, its all unique and well made!

Remember if you live in Portsmouth just let me know hat you want and I will hand deliver, so no postage cost and cash on delivery so no paypal hassle.

All local deliveries get a 10% gift voucher for Christmas too!

the kids are alright

V&A stock great toys and the profit helps run this landmark museum.

Carrying on my gift theme I thought I would cover kids next. Its so weird I am already thinking about Christmas shopping!

‘Why?’ I hear you all gasp, well last year I left it till December and had no money to buy presents for the kids or my husband. As a result of two disappointing sewing sales where I spent heaps on fabric hoping to make a profit and never did!

Well this year I have learnt my lesson, I really want to buy well designed individual stuff. I hope it means more than off the shelf  shaving kits, a nasty tarty Bratz doll and an Impulse gift set, urgghh.

If it means saving up and buy a couple of bits every month between now and Christmas then so be it. If its the thought that counts then lets have a little more thought about where are money is going this year.

I work hard for my cash and instead of lining the pockets of your identikit shops like Superdrug, Debenhams orAsda think about distributing it fairly. Use more independent shops, museums or galleries (profits often go back into helping to run the place), try Etsy and even local charity shops can house beautiful treasures like vintage frames or vases.

I’m by no means being snobby, or middle class by suggesting this, for starters I am neither. We have to account for every pound (unless I secretly buy I dress I dont want my hubby to know about). Encouraging people to seek alternatives to big chain stores is not ‘posh’ its realistic. If we really want to make it through the recession we should start this Christmas by thinking about where our money is being spent.

O.K lecture over here’s some cool stuff to look at ♥

make your own dolls to give with a clothkits kit.

The Battle Box Company has everything a boy could want for outdoor or indoor adventure!

Guitars for little stars at Berry Red

Dino tee on Etsy

for little sketches, Folksy

Well I hope that’s inspired you!

one for the boys

Its a lazy Sunday and I decided to post one for the boys today. Ooh la Lapin is lets face it pretty gurlie. If your a lady reading this then maybe some of these would make great gift ideas for your man. If your a man then ‘hey, your totally cool for reading ooh la lapin’.

alligator tee on Etsy

learn to deal with tough situations through cartoon creatures!

for all the beat makers

keep warm, from Bored Southsea

'Drover' jeans from Howies

Impress all the ladies and cook like a Moomin!

natural leather laptop case

Well that was super fun! Hopefully you check out those sites and find some ace places to shop online, ta ta for now

Lou x

String Theory


Don’t forget tomorrow (8th September) I will running a drop is sewing club called ‘String Theory’ at the

Kraken Wakes.

It kicks off at 3pm and finishes up about 8pm. I will be there with lovely fabrics, buttons, scraps, ribbon and get to grips with a sewing machine with one to one help!

Also some great soft toy patterns to start you off with and a great library of books from vintage to far out Japanese sewing guides!

Even the loopy handmade loom will be making an appearance!

Best of all its free, this includes materials and tuition. Lovely stuff will be available form the bar and you can learn how to sew drunk if you like (although you didn’t hear it from me).

Im in love

I just wanted to let you know I am in love with Loop.

I was just really naughty and ordered a bunch of stuff from them, including bamboo needles that are on sale. I know that with Autumn round the corner more knitting will be in order!