Ooooh new la lapin!

Yes how exciting, Ooh la Lapin has had a makeover! Well I thought it was about time, I have chopped and changed and I know that the the time was right to pretty up the site. I must say I am very happy with the ‘new look’.

Today really feels like the first day of Autumn, I am wearing ribbed tights, brogues and a chunky knit. The air is cooler and leaves have started falling. Before we know it the evenings will be getting darker! I have been doodling away, reading, installing the ROCPO exhibition and nesting in my house.









Boys who do it well: part 5

It’s that time again when we check out whose hot and well hot in the creative world. I really look forward to this thread every week and of course if you have any suggestions please email them to

Well on with the roll call…


Its the man behind Jim Bob Art whose lovely plates were featured on ooh la lapin about a year ago!  I love his animal illustrations and so does everyone else. We are selling his plates in the Aspex shop too at the moment, score! Thats my Christmas sorted.

“I am not that interested in making money, but do aspire to have enough to pay the bills and allow me to continue doing what I’m doing.” – James Ward


Next up its band Tame Impala.

I really like this band, their music has a kind of uncompromising feel, like yeah were gonna jam out a massive epic track. They sound early Pink Floydish, stoner, psychedelic dreamy rocky lushness… Ooh just listening to them right now makes me want to lay in the grass.

A really frickin awesome artistTom Price.

Tom is British sculptor and has created some amazing work, Tom we salute you! Tom partially melted down the big ball of acrylic rope above to make a chair, watch more in the video about his work here.

Our last entry for the week is Mr Jeremy Day.

He is an illustartor and comic artist and has just finished working/creating on  The Strumpet, I love his style, wit and dedication to the British Comic scene, what a legend.

In an article with Pikaland he says:

Home is Oxford, in the UK, where I live with my husband, cats and haphazard garden. It’s a lovely city, especially at this time of year, when it’s filling up with new incomers, students and hopefuls. It reminds me of the first time I came here.

Like many comics types, I started at school, passing around sarcastic one-panel cartoons drawn in my ancient history workbook during class. When I went up to Oxford in 1989, I found the Comic Book club there (founded by Jenni Scott) and spent the next few years in a dizzy whirl of study by day and comics by night.