A shiny red suitcase for me.

I have spent the past week filling my new nest with lots of thrifty finds, a few of which require some loving. I have also been sewing curtains for the children who are sharing a room, rarely do they both fall asleep at the same time!

My favourite buy for £3.00 is this bright red hard shell suitcase lined with quilted blue/green satin, it is to become a means of transporting toys/fabric and art to different clients. It will also appear in many a photo shoot and enjoy many travels.

Also thank you Jo for the lovely card x

A project a day.

So I am finally moved into my new home, hence why I haven’t posted all week! As of Monday next week I am trying to make something everyday as well as working on over arching projects such as exhibitions.

A slightly lengthy project will be to make a dress, and I am looking at ordering a pattern from Merchant and Mills. I love the Park Lane dress (below), and the simple chic designs. Apparently the patterns are very easy to follow and have beautiful satisfying results.

Im also loving Hey Maker since I saw there beautiful video yesterday thats campaigning for them to secure creative space in there hometown. Im sure a chord that is struck with many makers/artists and creatives alike.

nice pretty rooms and such

The adorable Mr Often Hover and Ms Ooh la Lapin get the key to there new home tomorrow. A cosy little Victorian terrace house to cherish and call our own, my two little lapins shall be in tow and are most excited about having bunk beds and a rug with a bear on it. So to celebrate here are some interiors to make you a wee bit giddy…