Being, making, creating and shaping.


This is me and my lovely friend, collaborator and artistic pal Emily Neale. We sometimes sell our stuff together like at Crafty Fox (pictured above) and we hang out lots, walk our dogs together and dream up lots of creative plans! You should check out her work, its great!


Some of mine and Emily’s toys.


Photo by Josh Knill

I still can’t believe how amazing this year has been so far! Ive moved studio twice!!! I’ve just been offered another work space which is top secret at the moment and i’ll reveal all soon. I’ve had some fabulous commissions too.

My next big project is working for Portsmouth City Council and with the residents of Somerstown to create public art work for their new community hub. Im so happy they liked our idea and that we get to work in a part of our city that deserves wonderful aspirational creative work.


Wrapping dogs and painting badgers

I have been having a lovely time preparing for my exhibition! I have also got round to doing some spiffy paintings of animals wearing sweaters. I’m particularly proud of the badger in the sparkly jumper, I love him a little bit.

A dachshund is being posted off to a customer and I think I enjoy wrapping my toys as much as I do making them.

I was also very happy to receive some fabric donations from London fabric print designer and bag maker Black Cactus. i have promised a drawing/painting in return and look forward to sending her something awesome!

Amsterdam: Fabric shopping and Kitsch Kitchen

Happy New Year folks! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas too?


My first post is going to be about our wonderful little adventure to Amsterdam we had in December. We travelled by Eurostar and stayed for four nights at the Lloyd Hotel + Cultural Embassy which was fantastic. We strolled up and down canals, ate wonderful food ( fav food places include La Perla and Los Pilones), visited pretty boutiques (All The Luck in the World and Hear Hear) markets and drunk the best coffee at Screaming Beans.

My main mission was to buy some super cute kitsch pieces from Kitsch Kitchen and visit the Lapjesmarkt.

Every Monday morning, the Westerstraat is home to the weekly ‘Lapjesmarkt’ or fabric market. As the name suggests, you’ll find stall after stall filled with assorted fabrics sold by the metre. In addition, you’ll find a variety of clothes – both new and vintage. The lapjesmarkt runs into the Noordermarkt just around the corner. Here you’ll find more fabric, plus some antiques and second-hand books.



To be honest I was a bit underwhelmed by the fabric stall selection, most were just your run of the mill cheap bolts of fabric and didn’t excite me. However a handful of traders were selling quirky and pretty fat quarters, vintage ribbons, trims, appliqué and amazing buttons. This kept me pretty busy and I had to be careful not to buy too much.

Next on my list was the cathedral of colour that is Kitsch Kitchen! I defy you not to go there and come away with something fabulous! It’s selection of oilcloth is legendary and the home wares are out of this world. In fact I visited twice whilst we were on holiday and blew most of spending money, oops.




We had such a wonderful time and a well earned rest from parenting our severely disabled son, there is just too much to fit into this post so here are some more pics. Thanks Amsterdam see you again soon!






Inside my studio

Last week my partner dropped by my studio space at Neon Studios and took some photos. It made me happy that I am now able to give you a little tour of where I make my toys and art.

Sometimes it can be a bit lonely but I find that helps me focus. The view from my window is of the busy commercial port with ships being unloaded daily, always changing weather and the sea.













My partner and I recently started a new series of articles for Strong Island called Dwelling. Its about the homes of Portsmouth residents that are in some way beautiful, interesting or tell a story.

You can read the interview with participants Rudy and Anna here and view all the images on a blog we set up for Dwelling.

I think you’ll agree there home is unique and full of love.




Visual Treats

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, things have been busy, children have been poorly and  family life is at the forefront.

I have still had time to work on some new pieces and the lovely Often Hover has shot some beautiful photos which I will post up soon. In the meantime let’s look at some nice stuff…



Vintage advertising and Tokyo kinder Film Fest


Gillian Hamilton shares her crochet cushion process.

The artwork of Lindsay Watson

Atelier Stella Ceramics

The beautiful work of Morimoto Shouhei

The very talented illustrator Natasha Durley 

Visual treats.

Hooray it’s Monday, whether you like it or not it’s the idea for a fresh week ahead with endless possibilities. I felt a little uninspired last week and didn’t get any art work done, I’m hoping this week I can knuckle down and get creative.






FROM Bukubuku

Workspace, dog place and more.

Im so so thrilled to at last have a studio space again! Its been over a year since I last had a work space to make in.

Our little dog Margot is settling in so well, she sleeps by my feet under the desk as I sew and embroider.

We have faced so many hardships over the past year as a family and I can at last try and have some peace, quiet and space to think and relax in. I don’t underestimate what a special thing this is.










British Sea Birds will be available next week exclusively from Southsea Coffee!


Photo Diary

This week we got a miniature Dachshund puppy and called her Margot. The sun has been shining and the house is coming together too. I love my little owl ornament my friend Sarah gave me for my birthday and have been hanging out in the Southsea Coffee Co for the best coffee and pan au raisin in Portsmouth.

I also made a yummy roast vegetable and goats cheese pizza and teamed it with a colourful summer salad. Summer eating is so good and so is a great read like The Simple Things magazine. The article on the London Underground was wonderful and I really want to get hold of some of the prints of poster to display in my home. The London Transport Museum shop has a wonderful selection of posters and other deign pieces.