New toys from the depths of my mind

With time at a premium and various projects going on its sometimes hard to find time to make! Im currently gearing up to project manage Rubble Office Portsmouth with my creative partner and boyfriend Josh Knill under the banner of Tinder Wolf our collaboration. I have also been appointed curator and gallery manager of The Gold Room Gallery at Room 237 in Southsea, so its vital I actually have time to make stuff and be an awesome mum.




Sing to me sweet songs of meat

So today artist Jo Willoughby and I got the photos from the Heroes Exhibition den sorted out. We had a little mission to Fratton and the terribly depressing huge Asda, but just out the other side is The Bridge Centre where a few local businesses battle on.

We had a lovely chat with Chris the Butcher in Lean Choice, and I bought some Ostrich Burgers, what a guy.











Diary lapin

Just some photos of the past couple of weeks goings on…


my man





Ashley John


my youngest



toilet door


more of the same


New Years in the north



painting thing




boy with ideas


Hunters game pie and cheese in the north


New Years eve by the fire



sketchbook stuff


Wilbur: Lord of the Radiator