Off up the road

Howdy, Im off up to Cumbria for the next few days to celebrate New Years in style. All cosy in front of a wood burning stove drinking some damson gin I hope.

Joel and I trekking down the road from Granny and Grandpa’s last year.

I just want to leave you with my highlights of 2011…

  • Having work in the Strong Island exhibition at The Round Tower
  • Being asked to join Strong Island as a blogger
  • Visiting the Natural History Museum in London
  • Spending heaps of time with my best friend Heidi
  • Meeting and making some wonderful new friends
  • Southsea Supper Club which couldn’t happen without Southsea Food Social
  • Ooh la Lapin just taking off so well and all the awesome support for it!
  • Becoming an aunt for the first and second time to Lara and Sammy.
  • Taking my daughter to the Andalucian countryside in Spain for a whole week and cooking amazing food.
  • Having my first ever jagerbomb
  • Going to France and Belgium with all the girls from the gallery and discovering I love Belgium.

Thanks everyone for a beautiful 2011 and here’s to 2012!
















Ooh la Lapin playlist: All Night Long

I hope you have a super New Years Eve this weekend, in the spirit of celebrating here are some tracks I enjoy jumping about too…

  • Bicycle Bicycle – Be Your Own Pet
  • Wasted and Ready – Ben Kweller
  • Raging in the Plague Age – Les Savy Fav
  • A Pillar of Salt – The Thermals
  • Flame – Sebadoh
  • Bizness – Tuneyards
  • Blood on our Hands – Death From Above
  • Sleepwalk Capsules – At The Drive In
  • Most Days – Mazes

Find the playlist here and totally enjoy!


Haters gonna hate

I have always been proud of the fact I got as far as I have without going to Uni, but the time has come to knuckle down and get some skills. I know where I want to go its just hard to get there without that level of education and understanding. Its not a bad thing if you haven’t been to Uni, I just know I will treasure the whole experience and not waste it.

I got busy making babies first and marrying my sweetheart, now its time for me…

I had these two little people first

I love my girl

Just gotta see if they let me in first, ah come on Portsmouth Uni you know you want me, right?

A list of stuff for 2012


So basically this is the ‘plan’ for next year…

  • Do some kick ass volunteer/intern stuff with Gasworks.


  • I really want to d.j live, basically I want have the power to make people I don’t know dance.


  • Go to Uni in September 2012 and do an Illustration degree.

I guess a lot will change next year, but I cant really say for sure yet!





Boys who do it well: part 11

Ahoy there its Friday so that means its your weekly dose of creative fellas! Ooh its been a difficult choice this week especially with the submissions coming in. So without further ado…

First up its Mark Persaud the guy behind Divine Aesthetic and part of C.O.R crew . Obviously a very creative chap and strong part of the cultural scene here in Portsmouth, oh and he is responsibly for the Pompey Eye Test!  I think that he deserves a special place in the BWDIW hall of fame. Mark we salute you!

I wrote a little bit about this dude on Strong Island the other day cause I totally love his photography, its Josh Knill. I was checking out his fims on Vimeo today and love this time lapse bike ride from his home to Eldon Building. He is also part of Sock Puppet Productions a creative design collective, go check them out!

Lastly a guy whose music I’m really loving at the moment its Ben Cooper aka Radical Face. Just one of those musicians you kind of come across by accident, a happy accident. Acoustic,orchestral, warm, ahh whats not to love.

I thought I would leave you with a little Christmas post card I made of Devendra Banhart, enjoy.

Small plastic toys, gallery jaunt and beer

So yesterday was pretty much everyones last day at the gallery before the Christmas holidays. Amy put together an amazing pass the parcel with ‘crap from our houses’ and Ollie and I smuggled in a huge box of profiteroles to the Customs House. As usual the night ended in The Dog and as I tottered back home in my high heels I saw a pair of white trainers hanging over a phone line on Devonshire Ave, topped it off for me!


pass the parcel win

dirty filthy loveliness hidden under the table

usual suspects

hello chaps

dinner with Ollie

trainers hanging over phone line