A project a day.

So I am finally moved into my new home, hence why I haven’t posted all week! As of Monday next week I am trying to make something everyday as well as working on over arching projects such as exhibitions.

A slightly lengthy project will be to make a dress, and I am looking at ordering a pattern from Merchant and Mills. I love the Park Lane dress (below), and the simple chic designs. Apparently the patterns are very easy to follow and have beautiful satisfying results.

Im also loving Hey Maker since I saw there beautiful video yesterday thats campaigning for them to secure creative space in there hometown. Im sure a chord that is struck with many makers/artists and creatives alike.


The brightest happiest knits I ever did see!

All for Everyone Knitwear by Annie Larson is so beautiful I wish I had the dollar to spend on her amazing creations. The patterns, mix of shapes and superb colours.





There is also an awesome blog, featuring competitions, updates and some lovely photos and stories.


For other bright quirky knits try…

Donna Wilson



Have a happy Sunday x

Looking back to the futurelooking back

Ooh la Lapin will be 2 years old in April 2012 but before Ooh la Lapin I had been making and selling for 4 or so years. Its been a happy slog so here’s a look back a kinda makey timeline if you will…

panda from 2006


A stall with the amazing Maddy Made


2007 in Germany


lots of things back in 08




oh we all love Betsy


These toy found a home with the lovely Claire Sambrook


toybox I made/decorated


love a bit of this


giant squid




cross stitch


so many happy memories

Im away!

Ooh well this is nifty, you can set your blog to post on any day you like so I thought I would do that (little happy smile). I am probably in Lille at the moment or maybe Brussels?

Here are some nice things to do this week!

Lovely things to do with washi tape here


Make a pretzel log cabin, you know it would be awesome.


Knit some simple organic yarn wash cloths, if you wrap them up with some love soap they would make lovely gifts!


have a read of Oh The Lovely Things, its an adorable site.

Hope your having a joyous week!

A little bit crafty

Ooh I love a bit of craft, after all its a daily occurence in the Ooh la Lapin house, so here’s some stuff I wanna have a go at soon…

Love this idea about using card board boxes as wall storage space!

I like this decoration but kinda changing the colours to more Christmassy ones!

This is amazing! Check out the tutorial and loads of other gems at Draw Pilgrim

Lovely pattern on Craftzine for That Girl! Tank Top

girls who do it well

Yay its Friday! So a great way to celebrate is to give some love to ladies who are doing it well.

Roll call…

Kreayshawn is definitely going out doing something different, 5.1 white girl rapper with a unique style and determination.

A film school dropout who has lived in Oakland, Calif., for half her life, Kreayshawn launched her rap career in earnest on a Monday in May with a music video on YouTube. The song “Gucci Gucci” — an infectious swipe at unoriginal girls in fancy clothes: “Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada” — caught fire. Filmed on and around Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, the amateur though impressively polished video presents a fantasy of the artsy West Coast twentysomething life. Boys on skateboards pass blunts around; tattooed girls in improbably glam thrift-store outfits wave their cell phones and boxes of cigarettes around on the street. It was a hit.

Next up its Beth Jeans Houghton, dark folk songbird.


Not only is she really talented she totally has her own creative and uncompromising style!

Beth Jeans Houghton is turning heads. The 19-year-old is still in her stage costume – an oversized pink swing-jacket over a leopard-print swimming costume, and a big blonde permed wig – as we walk the grounds of a music festival. “People call me Beth No Jeans Houghton”, she says, as one guy stops and stares.

“This is from Tesco” she says, pointing at the bathing suit. “But I usually make my own costumes. I was making clothes before I discovered music and writing songs. I like the whole glam-rock Seventies era – Bowie and Marc Bolan. I think there’s an element of music that people miss. It’s like watching a movie without sound – it could be quite boring.”

If anyone could be a superstar knitter and crochet queen and hiphop star its ooh la lapin favourite Twinkie Chan!


If I can rock her look and be a savy business women then hell I’d be made up! Gotta get me some pink hair extensions I think.

Clothing from Bess Georgette is just gloriously vintage and beautiful and so fresh. The vintage thing is so over done you gotta do it well and this site is amazing, you can shop the dresses on etsy too.

autumn dressing

Just a bit excited about the cold, seems weird I was swimming in the sea this time last week.

So it seems right to post some autumn threads and textiles…

Burgundy crew sweater from Bored of Southsea

block colour knee sock Urban Outfitters

Fly53 hooded shirt, mmm looks cosy.

Converse brown leather brogue from Office

Cloud 9 fabric from Ray Stitch

Japanese coco kitten fabric from Fabric Rehab

Loving this image from Loop London makes me want to start a shawl of my own!