Boys who do it well: part 5

It’s that time again when we check out whose hot and well hot in the creative world. I really look forward to this thread every week and of course if you have any suggestions please email them to

Well on with the roll call…


Its the man behind Jim Bob Art whose lovely plates were featured on ooh la lapin about a year ago!  I love his animal illustrations and so does everyone else. We are selling his plates in the Aspex shop too at the moment, score! Thats my Christmas sorted.

“I am not that interested in making money, but do aspire to have enough to pay the bills and allow me to continue doing what I’m doing.” – James Ward


Next up its band Tame Impala.

I really like this band, their music has a kind of uncompromising feel, like yeah were gonna jam out a massive epic track. They sound early Pink Floydish, stoner, psychedelic dreamy rocky lushness… Ooh just listening to them right now makes me want to lay in the grass.

A really frickin awesome artistTom Price.

Tom is British sculptor and has created some amazing work, Tom we salute you! Tom partially melted down the big ball of acrylic rope above to make a chair, watch more in the video about his work here.

Our last entry for the week is Mr Jeremy Day.

He is an illustartor and comic artist and has just finished working/creating on  The Strumpet, I love his style, wit and dedication to the British Comic scene, what a legend.

In an article with Pikaland he says:

Home is Oxford, in the UK, where I live with my husband, cats and haphazard garden. It’s a lovely city, especially at this time of year, when it’s filling up with new incomers, students and hopefuls. It reminds me of the first time I came here.

Like many comics types, I started at school, passing around sarcastic one-panel cartoons drawn in my ancient history workbook during class. When I went up to Oxford in 1989, I found the Comic Book club there (founded by Jenni Scott) and spent the next few years in a dizzy whirl of study by day and comics by night.

Hey ho lets go!

Yay so I went out Saturday night in my ‘costume’ and I bumped into my fav Star Wars character of all time…

My best friend in the world Heidi, Boba Fett and me!

I got pretty hot dancing in that blonde wig! A big thanks to all my lovely friends who made Saturday night super fun and I ended up d.jaying at a lovely house party.

So lots in pipeline at the moment, there is the exhibition opening on Thursday, come down for 6.30 and have a drink with me.

Next week I am off to France and Belgium for a week with 3 of the ladies from gallery. We will be visiting LaMalterie first in Lille, its an old brewery converted into a huge arts centre, awesome!

An empty industrial site, once again a place of work, a creative meeting place, la malterie was created in Lille over 10 years ago. It has since evolved and its mission is based around the idea of experimentation, making la malterie an artistic laboratory where artists can share space with each other and collaborate.

La malterie was created by artists and continues to be artist led.

                                                                                            shiko shiko at La Malterie

A bit about dressing up

Do you know why we like Halloween? Not cause its evil or spooky but because we get to dress up! I dress up in weird stuff a lot and its thrilling. So here are some pics of dressing up I like and tommorow I will share my Halloween Costume with you, its not that great but it makes me happy!









Must Have Been…Something You Said

Wow this is pretty exciting I am going to have my work in an exhibition at Aspex Gallery for the first time ever! Alongside some really cool artist like Jodie Silsby, Ashley John and Adam Hayes (previously featured on BWDIW).  So if your free next Thursday 4th November come down to Aspex about 6.30 to see the new work and we also have an after hours event feautirng live performance. Even I will be playing guitar and singing eek.

Portsmouth Vernacular map by Jodie Silsby


Self Congratulatory Banner by Louise Bush (me)

If your local please try to make it to support local artist and other talented national Uk artists and all work is for sale ranging from £25 upwards.

Boys who do it well, part 4

Well it’s that time of the week again when we a fix our attention to those creative men who just do it so well…

I’m afraid I have developed a huge crush on this guy, after seeing the movie ‘Submarine’ this week it just wouldn’t have been half as wonderous without the soundtrack by Alex Turner. He deserves top billing on BWDIW for being able to produce some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!


Next up its Rostarr/Romon Kimin Yang, a New York based artist with a South Korean heritage.

Known for shape-based graphics and colorful abstract paintings, Rostarr blends his South Korean heritage with New York City street culture to create most of his work. To keep with the abstract nature of his paintings, he even resorts to break dancing on canvas to create custom pieces, which has become a staple of his art. Hip-hop, family tradition and B-boying are all ingredients of his portfolio. Check his website here.

Next up is not new to most of you but it’s totally awesome and deserves a special mention. Its HBO hit comedy Bored to Death. If you haven’t watched it yet than I totally recommend you do! Struggling writer becomes a freelance private eye on Craigslist and gets into all sorts of scrapes, just brilliant!

I’m really digging this guys work at the moment, he is called Simon Wheatley and he just takes the most absorbing photos.

His series of photos ‘dont call me urban’ which he produced are fascinating and document a time in the UK fashion and music industry, London, street and gang culture.

Rewind (RWD), beginning in 2004, facilitated contacts that enabled him to chronicle the grime scene that had begun to burgeon in London. At this time he was also working on another project around regeneration at Elephant and Castle. ‘DON’T CALL ME URBAN! The Time of Grime’ therefore represents an assemblage of work that has evolved over the last decade.


A little bit crafty

Ooh I love a bit of craft, after all its a daily occurence in the Ooh la Lapin house, so here’s some stuff I wanna have a go at soon…

Love this idea about using card board boxes as wall storage space!

I like this decoration but kinda changing the colours to more Christmassy ones!

This is amazing! Check out the tutorial and loads of other gems at Draw Pilgrim

Lovely pattern on Craftzine for That Girl! Tank Top

Does any of this matter?

Woah that’s a big question for a Saturday morning I hear you gasp, oh yeah it is. I’m talking about making, art, culture, film, music, fashion blah blah blah.

It’s a big fat yes, because without it our lives would be so pitifully grey and boring we would be rocking back and forth banging our heads against the wall, would we not? So the next time your hear someone say ‘the arts are a waste of money’ or ‘why would you waste your time painting’ or ‘whats the point of being in a band cause you wont ever make it’ tell them to be silent.

Street art ‘Billie Holiday’

Steve Powers

Amazing old BMX photos from DEFgrip these remind me of the freedom of youth before we are told that to feel free is a load of rubbish.

For some reason these make me think about my life, in a good way!

The Butcher Kings

Oh isnt it a wonderful thing when two like minded people/artists come together, shut themselves in a cabin for 35 days and produce loads of work for a show. Thats just beautiful and kinda messed up! I warn you though its not for the easily offended so if your a bit squeamish dont click the links, bless you.  Alex Pardee one half of the duo says…


For 35 days straight, Skinner and I shacked up together, cut off the outside world, gave two shits about what anyone wanted us to paint for a new collection of pieces, and laughed our way maniacally through mutual therapy as we may or may not had been committing career suicide. And it was the best 35 days of my life.

If you hadn’t been following us and have no idea what “The Butcher Kings” show is, you can read a pretty good summary of the madness leading up to the event over on my TUMBLR page HERE.


I came across these guys through my love of musician Kimya Dawson and the fact that Alex worked on the art work for her recent release ‘Thunder Thighs’.

There work appeals to me as it involves toys, kitchness, the slightly gross/weirdness and messing with characters from pop culture.