Mother and daughter sewing workshop

This Saturday its all about hanging out with your daughter and making something.

If my girly was a bit older I would ‘sew’ be there. Nothing beats some time together, learning, laughing and drinking tea.

Mothers and daughters are invited to the Aspex Gallery this Saturday 3rd July to work with textile designers Sue and Sue to create an original appliqued, stitched and printed textile panel. The fabric panel will then adorn a pretty drawstring bag. Sue and Sue will provide all the imagination and materials you will need.

£24 per adult    £16 per child (aged 8 and upward)

1-3pm with FREE tea and Coffee


This is a fantastic opportunity to be in an creative environment and to work with two highly respected designers.

A previous workshop led by Sue and Sue making story books.


tea and cloth, bring a boy.


This week we are hoping that some boys will come along and craft with us.

Craft is not just sewing it can be pretty much anything, just check out etsy and craftzine to see the variety of craft forms.

I have also realised that I am going to London tommorow to take my little girl to the Tate Modern. She starts school in September and I will never have this precious time with her again, ever.

So I also taking her to Spain for a week in July too, we shall eat Tapas and spend time drawing and painting out side in the olive grove.

my little bunny

I am sorry if I have been absent from this night I love so much but my mind is very family orientated at the moment. I was hoping once the group was set up it would be organic and control itself and be a democracy.

Tea and Cloth is about you leading where we go and what kind of activities you’d like to do.

An exciting trip is planned for the Autumn to the Knitting and Stitching show in London, details to be announced soon. It will be a group day out to the most amazing textile heaven!

The Knitting and Stitching Shows are the definitive and best exhibitions for lovers of textiles in the UK and Ireland.  As the name suggests, it covers knitting and stitching but SO much more; felt-making, shibori dyeing, jewellery-making, card-making, mixed media… the list goes on! There is so much to see and do you’ll find it hard to fit everything into one day; hundreds of exhibitors selling specialist supplies that you can’t find in the shops, galleries from leading artists and groups, plus hundreds of workshops to introduce you to lots of new subjects!

Here are some photos from last years event.

Vintage fabrics wrap apron

Oh Im so proud of this truely beautiful wrap apron I made using vintage fabrics and also the ‘sherbert pips’ fabric of girls on swings.

I have put it in the online shop where its £24.99 a whole 30% less than it would be normally retail for. (due to commision etc)

I hope it finds a happy home!


lets make it new

One of my favourite things (apart from kittens wearing bows around there necks) is taking something a bit sad and making it happy and bright. Observe…

I am a bit sad.


ooh now I feel happy!


A Saturday morning well spent I think. Here are some photos I found upon emptying my phones memory card today…

Knitting bag on sale in Aspex


Opening night of the Portsmouth Uni Art show


Tiles I photographed in Spain recently


The wardrobe of amazing fabric lovliness at 'Like Tea Tray in the Sky' the wooden box at the bottom has fabrics for sale.


Joel in Spain looking very sweet


Im so proud of the Boat we built at Aspex 'HMS ASPEX'


class act

teaching crochet

It so much fun being able to pass awesome skills onto other people and thats why me and Georgine set up Buttons and Pearls. Yes Im making a big deal out of this because its the only one of its kind in Portsmouth!

We are being brave and starting a business in a recession, Georgina has even given up full time employment, cast aside the safety net and jumped in.

It would mean the absolute world if you could support us, its not about the money because our classes are really good value for money. Its about supporting two young women who want to chase a dream and we are really good teachers too.

If learning to sew is not your thing then maybe it might be for someone you know, so please re post this, facebook it, twitter, tell your Mum and your Gran. Talk about it at work, basically bore the pants off everyone!

Charity shop gold

A bit of charity shop heaven in Southsea yesterday, 70’s granny dress and leather case. Both for under £8



Next week I think its time to find a suitable kitsch lampshade for the living room…


the kick up the backside and make stuff letter

A little reminder that if you want to receive fabulous ‘snail mail’ from ooh la lapin then please email me your address to

Letters will be sent the first week in july and include a most excellent newsletter, heads up on events, special offers for classes, stickers, buttons, presents and a rousing reminder why its good to ‘do stuff’.