nice pretty rooms and such

The adorable Mr Often Hover and Ms Ooh la Lapin get the key to there new home tomorrow. A cosy little Victorian terrace house to cherish and call our own, my two little lapins shall be in tow and are most excited about having bunk beds and a rug with a bear on it. So to celebrate here are some interiors to make you a wee bit giddy…















Inside my house, a home.

Its dark in the house today so I did some rubbish phonography of the things I like about my palace.

Painting by me, hangs in the toilet.

What job? by me

My studio


my cat, Wilbur





I painted this Japanese guy eating noodles when I lived in Germany.





Print of two crabs by Quiet Corners, the only thing that hangs in the hall way.


Just finished this piece yesterday. Depressed fox.

My sewing area, on a tidy day, seriously.