Hello chaps

I have been working like a total nutter and must say I felt utterly exhausted today whilst I assisted artist Wendy Middleditch doing printing with 40 kids. It has however been worth every late night, piece of self doubt and shitty headache. So to honour this here are some photos of chaps and chap related goodness. Im working on some dapper toys at present and felt it fitting.















Boys who do it well: part 11

Ahoy there its Friday so that means its your weekly dose of creative fellas! Ooh its been a difficult choice this week especially with the submissions coming in. So without further ado…

First up its Mark Persaud the guy behind Divine Aesthetic and part of C.O.R crew . Obviously a very creative chap and strong part of the cultural scene here in Portsmouth, oh and he is responsibly for the Pompey Eye Test!  I think that he deserves a special place in the BWDIW hall of fame. Mark we salute you!

I wrote a little bit about this dude on Strong Island the other day cause I totally love his photography, its Josh Knill. I was checking out his fims on Vimeo today and love this time lapse bike ride from his home to Eldon Building. He is also part of Sock Puppet Productions a creative design collective, go check them out!

Lastly a guy whose music I’m really loving at the moment its Ben Cooper aka Radical Face. Just one of those musicians you kind of come across by accident, a happy accident. Acoustic,orchestral, warm, ahh whats not to love.

I thought I would leave you with a little Christmas post card I made of Devendra Banhart, enjoy.

Boys who do it well: part 10

Ah yes hello Friday and your bevy of creative gents. So who has made the grade this week?

Niels Kristian Kutschera and his company Santiago Designs.

Based in Hamburg and bustin out quality work.




Next up is Matt Box, I came across his beautiful video Acid Drops a while back and its so stunning. I checked out his website and my lordy he is a talented chap!


Here is a guy I have loved since I was in my teens, its Samuel Beam aka Iron and Wine. His music was the first time I had kinda heard modern folk. After being bought up listening to Fairport Convention etc it was like discovering folk for my generation. Plus he has an awesome beard and I do love  a good beard!

That my friend is a quality beard, a thing of beauty!


Boys who do it well: part 9

Oh yes its that time again, my favourite post of the week. Credit where credits due this week so lets kick off with Southsea’s food Lord…

Charlie Thompson…

Absolute food hero, blogger, cyclist and all round good chap. Charlie is the man behind Southsea Food Social an informal and friendly guide to cooking, eating and entertaining. Also a fellow team player in Strong Island and the only man to make me cry by not breaking my heart but by making me chop shallots. He also has awesome taste in music and loves chilli which in my book earns major Brownie points!

Next is Illustrator and designer Dan Matutina

Dan is based in the Philippines and his work is AMAZING! I want one of his tees and his style is sick. Being geek and proud, I love his celebration of nerd style.

This guy melts me, its Ian Reid!

Photo courtesy of shit cake

Ian Reid, the man behind “Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape,” “Tales From The Hood” is one of the original dudes to bring skateboarding to New York City. Straight out of Brooklyn, NY. Ian shoots film and photography, some pretty hot ladies in there (be warned younger readers).

Brooklyn shot by Ian Reid, I cant wait to go next year!

Well thats all  folks, be back with a little post later today about last nights Strong Island Festivities!

Boys Who Do It Well: part 8

Time to thrill (hmmm) some creative male types by immortalising them in the Ooh la Lapin hall of fame that is BWDIW!

Its nice that requests have started coming in, so if you have any suggestions drop me a line. Well without further ado…

Its Luke Moore


Well were do I start? Not only does Luke have awesome taste in music and you can find his wit and wisdom here, but he is also a writer, broadcaster and producer. He makes football fun for total heathens like myself and I love The Football Ramble that Luke co-founded. Through pretty much starting recording in a kitchen he is now doing something he loves and thats what its all about. his bio reads as…

Luke is passionate about football, music and his beloved Portsmouth FC.

Having made contributions to the likes of BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, ESPN, Sky News, talkSPORT, Clash Magazine, IGN.com, Gigwise and football365, he’s carved out a niche for himself as a a hirsute and erudite pundit, writer and broadcaster.

Luke we salute you sir!

Puss-In-Boots by Lee Casey

Next up is Mr Lee Casey, an illustrator and all round good chap.  Check out his work Casey JR Illustration a small taste of this hard working artist. Lee gets involved with the creative scene regularly and is helping to make Portsmouth a fucking awesome place to be as a creative. Good work!

pretty much a genius

This guy is a photographer its Jamie McGregor Smith.

handy with a camera

Jamie is a UK photographer most noted for his work of buildings, landscape, industry and almost a kind of quiet beauty.

Above is Jamies prize winning photo for Urban Wildlife.

New occupant

‘Gaining access to this derelict room symbolised the adversity overcome by this plant. As I peered in and saw the fresh fern fronds, backlit by sunshine streaming through the window, its colour and sense of life seemed exaggerated by the room’s grim, drab appearance. Against all odds the fern was thriving, gaining nourishment from the decomposing floorboards.’ Ferns, along with lichens and mosses, are often the first plants to colonise new or harsh environments. They grow in sites that sometimes aren’t ready for flowering plants, shrubs or trees because of poor soil or a lack of nutrients. By creating soil as they decompose, ferns change the local environmental conditions, making them more suitable for other plant species to follow.

This next guy is an absolute hero of mine and inspiration! Danny MacAskill.

Rides like a wizard

You may or may nor know that I dabble in some Mountain biking, a bit of jumping, downhilling etc. So when I first saw Danny’s video that blew up on youtube I could hardly speak! I was just like WATCH THIS and then you’ll understand. Danny just keeps going from strength to strength doing something he bloody loves and enjoying it. If I ever had a chance to meet Danny I would be so stoked it would be untrue!

Danny has been nominated as adventurer of the year by National Geographic so go vote for him!

This is the video that started it all…

Danny MacAskill

Dannys latest video…

industrial Danny MacAskill

Boys Who Do it Well: part 7

Oh the long awaited post that is BWDIW! It feels like an age since last weeks bevy of local boys. Drum roll please. heres this weeks list of whose hot and creative…

I have been waiting ages to feature this guy and have a HUGE art crush on him, its Corey Arnold!

He only came to my attention a few weeks ago in Brussels train station when I bought a copy of Snoecks magazine. His photography on the front made me part with 15euros even though I couldnt understand a word in the magazine, gazing at the pictures was worth it!. I cant begin to list all his amazing projects here so you have to go see for yourself .

Next up is musician King Charles,  pretty songs and rocking a strong look. He most definitely has it going on, I wonder if he is looking for a Queen? call me yeah?


Ed Templeton is a skater and artist. Some of his work can be pretty challenging and you kind of want to look away and then look again. His wife also features a lot in his work. My favourite series that Ed did was called ‘Teenage Kissers’ and its very poignant.

some images from ‘Teenage Kissers’

Thats all for this weeks effort!