lovely easy makes

Im a bit in love with Sweet Pauls crafty Fridays. This is particularly beautiful and a great way to use all those fancy tapes I keep seeing online, especially the japanese tapes with little mushrooms and bunnies on!

click on the link in the text above to view the full tutorial.

Check out this jersey ruffle skirt from Cluck Cluck Sew.

If your after some bits for the makes above then check out the Liberty print jerseys at Ray-Stitch, they also sell plain jersey fabric but for something a bit special you cant beat Liberty. Also a jersey skirt will fit even when you put on a few pounds, ace!

Liberty Carnaby Jersey – Lea Valley
Stretch cotton jersey with a beautiful drape.
Beautiful trims availible too...
Ric Rac
Classic ric-rac trim.
Width varies slightly, between 6mm and 9mm.

For decorative tape try…

Washi Tapes has an incredible selection, I just bought some myself. It looks so lovely if you wrap gifts in plain brown parcel paper and use washi tape. Much better than expensive wrapping paper!


Check out lovely tape ideas at The Beat that my Heart Skipped.

Happy Sunday everyone!


day on the train

On Monday George and I travelled to Chicheter for a meeting with Clothkits, apart from the grilling we were given we squeezed in some fabric shopping at Eternal Maker and bought brooches from Pretty Scruffy, which also had a beautiful ceramics exhibition upstairs.


George quilts on the train


part of the exhibition in Pretty Scruffy


caught with your hand in the button jar


fabric heaven, oh yes

we knitted

The knit a thon last Saturday went really well, as well as raising a bit of money for the Aspex Education program we generated lots of interest in the gallery about what us ‘education ladies’  do.

You can find out more about the Aspex projects here.

George and I deep in the yarn

All these beautiful photos are courtesy of Matthew Cleveland, please do not use without his permission or he might tell me off, ha ha.

la vacance

Ooh la Lapin is off the Spain again for a week, taking my daughter for a break from her disabled brother. Its a special holiday for a little girl who works so hard to help her mummy!


I will be back on Friday 22nd with lots of photos and tales.

Dont forget about the Buttons and Pearls quilting workshop this coming Thursday at Tea tray in the Sky, it will be lead by the amazing Georgine Giles.

To book a place click here


Well it looks like the weather might be a bit crappyish, for the last few years August has been totally pants.

knackered jeans into a bag?

So what better way to while away the holidays coming to one of the Buttons Pearls

‘swaparamaramarama’ sessions.

  We invite you to swap clothes, accessorise, stitch, sew and knit your way to a style makeover.  Materials will be provided, but please feel fee to bring unwanted clothes, accessories, buttons and bits!!  £15 per person – includes FREE tea and coffee.

You can call Aspex on 02392 778080 or email to book a place! Or just turn up on the night.

Workshops run on the

5th August and then every Friday throughout August.




kitted out for knitted

With my autumnal obsession continuing I had a shopping spree on Topshop online. I know that when September arrives I will want to purchase some quirky knits from the amazing Topshop.

So why not buy unseasonal knits now and save some cash?

Here are some of my buys…

This crochet vest was £60 as part of the Boutique range at Topshop and in the sale for £2o. It has a beautiful feminine vintage look to it.


Floral rainbow cardi, £10 and tres pretty!


I love this peter pan collar knit, it will look so lovely with a denim skirt and boots. I can see myself out collecting conkers in this with my kids.

Down from £36 to £10.

It may seem weird to buy autumn/winter stuff now but it can save you £100’s. Thats if your a bit of a shopaholic like me.

I am coveting these brogue boots a bit too much, sadly not in the sale.


how to start a business.

So I was thinking, as you all know I am going through the process of launching Buttons & Pearls at the moment I thought it might be a good idea to serialise the ups and downs of starting a business.

its hard work!

So far we have taught 3 workshops, started a successful monthly craft club called Tea &Cloth, we each have a blog and handmade enterprise each (check out Georginas blog).

I guess you could say we are pretty busy. Also what does it take to be a success, and will we succeed? We really want to.

What have we done so far:

  • Set up a nifty blog
  • Our advert is about to be launched in the Southsea Directory
  • had lots of meetings and eaten lots of cake.
  • set up a craft club
  • Done 3 workshops and had amazing feedback which you can read on our blog.
  • You can pay for classes online, woo hoo!
  • Planning our hen party service.
  • getting flyers printed and planning a whole day of travelling around the city distrubuting them.
  • getting the markting done is so hard and tiring!!!

So I am going to try and galvanise some suport from bloggers and websites that want to be on board to see our dreams made a reality.

I have a severly handicapped son and will never ever be able to work a normal job, he is not going be cured sadly. So I knew my only option to make our lives better was for me to be my own boss and work the hours I want and not what someone else tells me.

Part of my dream is not only to make wonderful things and inspire other people to find joy in making but to provide and amazing future for my son.

My son will never go off to University, marry and have children or simply just go off for a walk on his own to a beach or park.  Its sad we take for granted the gifts we have, the simply pleasures and also the dreams we can achieve if we put our minds to it.

If you have any ideas how we can make Buttons and Pearls a success please get in touch and be part of the journey with us!