Off to London

Today Josh and I travel to London. Oh I do love a little night away in our amazing capital, but it is for work I assure you. We have been invited to Jerwood Space this evening to attend the launch of a project we are working on called ‘Our Mutual Friends‘. Click that link to read more about this fascinating project!

So naturally a few things were running through my mind, the first was ‘What to wear’? I intend on wearing my home made £10 dress and my lovely healed lace up ankle boots. Secondly was where to stay for the night? Well my Uncle Chris and his fantastic husband Johnny are putting us up for the night and we are attending a comedy gig together after Jerwood, so I will let you know how that goes!

Well wish me luck, no rain and a witty sparkling intellect for the evening!

A day with an artist and an autistic boy.

On Friday Josh, Joel and I spent the day with artist Graham Hudson checking out sites for the up and coming ROCPO project. Graham was a super nice guy and we had an interesting time talking to him about his practice and adventures. At lunch time we showed Graham the Camber and bought lunch from Carters on the Camber, pulled pork roll and mac and cheese. My job as an artist is so wonderful as my autistic son was able to tag along for the day and chill with us. Rad!

Josh and Graham find an object.

Making a dress for under £10

Its rare you find a dress that is both pretty, comfortable and stylish. I recently bought a sweet little grey dress from White Stuff and loved the cut so much I decided to copy the cut and add some details. I did all for £9.20! The fabric I purchased was a light silky viscose fabric that hangs and drapes beautifully, 2meters was more than ample. The lace collar was 99p and both were purchased form Fabric Land in Portsmouth. I was pleasantly surprised to find the fabric as Fabric Land can be very hit and miss and also the sweet little collar. With the excess fabric I created a sash to pull in my waist, it’s safe to say I am more than happy with my new dress.



The dress I copied



Cats and Birds, oh you look so sweet!

I almost squealed today when Josh bought to my attention this beautiful paper in Paperchase. One sheet features cats and the other birds, I knew instantly they would look perfect behind the cube shelves in our lounge. Also I am a sucker for anything kitsch, vintage and featuring animals.










Curating the gallery shop, nice things.

I was so excited to be offered the job of curator for The Gold Room gallery and one of the first things I set about doing was planning a small shop space. Im hoping the pop up shop will get people down to the gallery to buy small affordably pieces and enjoy the ever changing program of art. The shop will launch in mid September and I’m pretty excited. Here are some of the things you will find in the shop.

First up is Louise Wright a fantastic illustrator from Derby.

The second artist is Memo, an illustrator based in Leeds. Im really excited about putting in this order!

Also some rad screen prints from Joff.

Kingbrown magazine issue 8

You can tell from the moment you pick up the brown paper bag King Brown is packaged in you’ve found something special. The bag is stitched shut which just adds to it’s mystery. Issue seven came with a great mini zine and sticker, so whats in store this month? An issue dedicated to artists with a defined link to skateboarding, a pop out card skateboard and rad sticker! As well as the usual selection of awesome artists, photographers and illustrators. I got hold of my copy from Aspex Gallery.


Just a bit excited!

New toys from the depths of my mind

With time at a premium and various projects going on its sometimes hard to find time to make! Im currently gearing up to project manage Rubble Office Portsmouth with my creative partner and boyfriend Josh Knill under the banner of Tinder Wolf our collaboration. I have also been appointed curator and gallery manager of The Gold Room Gallery at Room 237 in Southsea, so its vital I actually have time to make stuff and be an awesome mum.