ou est la lapin?

If your interested in taking part in this project to make bunnies then please contact me by either leaving a comment/email address or emailing ‘oohlalapin@gmail.com

How it works.

  • Make a toy bunny, any size, any shape. Design it yourself or find free sewing patterns here:


wee wonderfuls bunny

craft bunny (a bit more complex)

purl rabbits (love this site full stop)

  • Leave the bunny somewhere in Southsea on or around the 14th April. Take a photo and email it to ooh la lapin.
  • Make someones Easter special, you could leave a note with your bunny too.

weaving cont…

So today it was the turn of Milton Park Pre-school. The students ranged in age from 2years 9months – 4 years. So with the really tiny ones it was a bit of a challenge but they all had a go and some interesting textures and techniques were discovered!


testing the strength of the fleece!

getting involved

all tied up
the one armed t-rex
weaving from above


So where else will the box loom be traveling?


progress and fluff

Howdy! So the bits for the Strong Island exhibition at the Round Tower are coming on nicely.

Here a few photos from today working with autistic students at Mary Rose School on the woven piece. Its on the magical cardboard box loom.

The colours areĀ  inspired by Southsea Seafront and how much we all love it.

pulling the wool tops in tight

The classes PECS symbol for 'art'


getting stuck in


We thought this looked like white sea foam.

More weaving action tomorrow at another local primary school so I will keep you updated on the weaving progress.

giant needles,roses and sand.

Happy Love Day!

I decided to celebrate Valentines today by walking along the beach on my own collecting bits and taking photos.

drawing in the sand

I may be biased but I think Southsea is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It holds so many memories, happy, sad, bitter, love, high, drunk, tired I have walked this shore line in all moods and states. I have swam in the Solent on a cloudless moonlit night, it was heaven on earth.

Found a single red rose at my feet today on the beach


view through a weathered wooden post

in love with South Parade

I crafted in the rose garden with some V day bunting

rose garden love day present





This was next to my cup of coffee this morning!

to top the day off I have been doing giant knitting with rags


I hope your having a nice day, workshop photos to be posted soon we had such fun on Saturday!

Tea and Cloth


Portsmouth is a hot bed of creativity so lets make friends!

Come along this month on Thursday Feb 24th, 6.30 – 8pm to Tea Tray in the Sky on Osbourne Road. If your thing is textiles, sewing, crochet… the list goes on. Or if your just curious and want to meet makers and find out more please join us. You can bring along something your working on to share with us, exchange ideas and practice. Most importantly have some amazing tea and cake.

We can help plan events, exhibitions and more.

A huge thank you to the very talented Ashley David John for designing the posters/artwork for ‘Tea and Cloth’.

you can email oohlalapin@gmail if you’d like a wee bit more info or to ask any questions.


Inside the mind of a freak

Yes its my 100th blog post! So I’m all excited and that, woo hoo!

To mark the occasion I thought I would post some pics up of my ‘Studio’ where I spend about 5-6 hours every freakin day making the kind of cute textile stuff that would make Hello Kitty and Bambi jealous.

Its official that ‘Ooh la Lapin’ has become a full time job, around working for the stunning Aspex Gallery and looking after my disabled son and his little pre- schooler sister its all go!

When I first started this I could never have envisaged it would reach this point. So now we have a lounge/diner in the front room and what was once our dining room is now my place of work. I love it but it is full on and I stop for tea and lunch and that’s about it most days.

So here’s some photos of my beloved studio…










There it is.

I also did a bit of craft bombing on the bus leading up to Valentines day letting folks know they are loved.




happy on the bus

I have also made a few brooches this week…



Lastly I just wanted to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ to all the kids who bullied me a school for being a freak or geeky and different. Im doing what I want, I am free and I love it. Yes I believe I live in a world where I am a french lady who lives in a cottage with patchwork bunnies who bake me cakes, who knew?

random love

I totally digĀ  Craftivist Collective and their idea of hi – jacking Valentines Day, its about making us think a little bit more about our world and not just soppy cards.

I believe love begins at home and if we cant even care about those around us how can we begin to show love to other countries? Its so important to take care of each other and realise we are loved. I am a Christian and part of my faith is having a strong sense of being loved by Jesus. If your an atheist/humanist or somewhere in between you also have a strong sense of identity and how much ‘love’ is worth. Its about feeling valued. If you can feel this you can begin to share it with others and things start to change!

You can join the Craftivist Valentines hi-jack, or just do your own random act of love/kindness.

I have produced this letter that you could print out, leave it in a card with a little gift somewhere in public.









I just want you to know that you are loved.

You are cared about.

Show someone else you care, do something nice. Make that phone call you have been putting off. Knock on the door of your neighbour and talk to them.

Say sorry.

Make some overblown random gesture.

Smile more.

You are loved.

A friend x