Hello little friends.

Delicious and delightful record cafe Pie & Vinyl have now taken delivery of some new little friends! Fear not if you don’t live near by they are also in my Folksy shop.

However I thoroughly recommend a visit to P and V as it is one of the most magical shops ever dreamt up. Where else can you eat pie, ice cream sundaes and drink ginger bear out of tea pots and buy records?







700th post giveaway!

Hooray I have hit my 700th post! So to celebrate I will be giving away a toy duck to one of my lovely readers.

Im so happy with the blog and things will be changing soon, you will reach a static homepage and be able to find the shop, blog posts and other bits from this page. It might not be for awhile so keep an eye out for changes.



To win this patchwork duck just leave a comment telling me what you love about Ooh la Lapin!

Good Luck lovely readers!

Toys, toys, toys.

After a bit of a break I am back to making toys and hope to create even more once I have moved into my new studio space. My partner Josh (Often Hover) did these wonderful shots of my work. If you’re a maker or artist then you can contact Josh and enquire about the services he offers. Having professional shots of your work makes a huge difference.

These toys will be available at Flo & Stan and they also have an online shop so if you are interested in purchasing any of my work you can contact Flo & Stan.

_MG_0074 _MG_0068 _MG_0067 _MG_0064 _MG_0061 _MG_0037

Japanese Craft Books

I have a small yet impressive collection of Japanese crafts books and I feel a serious addiction could form if I let it. I keep the books right next to the sofa so when I am sipping on a cup of tea I leaf through them dreamily.

I dream of all the tiny creature I could crochet and the array of slightly quirky and wonky toys I could craft.

Perhaps today I will.







Bunny give away!


A lovely felt bunny is up for grabs, he has big ears and is very nice to cuddle. The prize also includes a goody bag with cute surprises! All you have to do to win is suggest a name for him. Do this by leaving a comment on here or on twitter @lapinlou or via Facebook. Bon chance!

In my studio or my mind.

Some photos from todays pottering in the lapin burrow.

I love my sewing machine, tons of stickers and scrawling in Sharpie make it mine.

My beaten old sewing/work desk repeatedly stamped.

I have 4 or so jars that hold scraps, treasure and odd bits.

Happy feet resting by my knitting and fabric bags.

I love this old crochet blanket, it was made by our aunt as a wedding present and its huge!

Just hand finishing another delightful addition to the ooh la lapin family.

Wilbur my cat has a large cushion that he sleeps on next to my desk, occasionally he lazily tries to attack a stray piece of wool or cotton dangling from my lap.

Made this little felt chap today, he has a mini boarding pass,where is he going?

I have enjoyed sharing my day. Have super happy weekend!

Vintage kitschy toy pattern Thursday

Hurrah a new regular feature! After amassing a vast range on Vintage toy pattern images I need to start sharing these humorous and sometimes disturbing gems. If you find an image of one please email it to oohlalapin@gmail.com and I shall share it!

The Bunny is King of this curious Kingdom

These action men are well kitted out.

Every childs best friend or worst nightmare

Hours of fun

I am lost for words…