700th post giveaway!

Hooray I have hit my 700th post! So to celebrate I will be giving away a toy duck to one of my lovely readers.

Im so happy with the blog and things will be changing soon, you will reach a static homepage and be able to find the shop, blog posts and other bits from this page. It might not be for awhile so keep an eye out for changes.



To win this patchwork duck just leave a comment telling me what you love about Ooh la Lapin!

Good Luck lovely readers!


Visual treats.

Hooray it’s Monday, whether you like it or not it’s the idea for a fresh week ahead with endless possibilities. I felt a little uninspired last week and didn’t get any art work done, I’m hoping this week I can knuckle down and get creative.






FROM Bukubuku

An end, a beginning.

Yesterday I think I reached the bottom and had an out pouring of grief like I have never felt before. Sometimes perhaps you have to break to realise that you need fixing.

This morning I woke up and I produced three paintings in quick succession, more than I have painted in three months. Brave new feelings have been found and demons have been fought and destroyed. Taking solace in creativity is a wonderful thing, to take a blank page and fill it with colour, a pile of materials and make something new. Oh what a metaphor for life.


Some things that made me smile today…

Maria Carluccio


1950’s card

Becca Stadtlander

Traditional eskimo folk art: Bear Emerging from Sea

Artist unknown

Hemzo Karoly

Traditional wooden dolls.

I Love Grey Skies

Every now and again you come across an artist who just fall in love with ‘I Love Grey Skies’ is just that! With one shop under that name and another as Herman Marie you will find the most delightful work. Anything illustrative, happy and that tells a story I am drawn to, I think my animals would love to make friends with some of these characters.


herman lion herman hermandog hermanlionhouse anatomicalmook mooklion

Japanese Craft Books

I have a small yet impressive collection of Japanese crafts books and I feel a serious addiction could form if I let it. I keep the books right next to the sofa so when I am sipping on a cup of tea I leaf through them dreamily.

I dream of all the tiny creature I could crochet and the array of slightly quirky and wonky toys I could craft.

Perhaps today I will.







Alpine Kitsch: Oh Marie

Beautiful Dutch online magazine Oh Marie has launched it’s latest issue ‘Alpine Kitsch’. I can’t describe how visually delicious it is, cute, festive and stylish. It would soften the hardest of hearts to the romance of Alpine living.

I want to step into the pages and surround myself with deer, cuckoo clocks and alpine blooms. I know you will feel the same and take inspiration from the styling guide, little craft projects, interviews and photography.

alpine alpine1 alpine2 alpine3 alpinekitsch

The most perfect presents!

Really this just happens to be what I want for Christmas. Also searching through sites like Folksy (where I will have a store opening soon) I realise how important it is to photograph your products well. I digress and will write an article on the good the bad and the ugly of selling online.

So I hope you like the things I have picked out, I love them and they are truly adorable. The images themselves are stunning and living with a photographer has made me appreciate this so much more.



Beautiful toys.

As a toymaker I am consistently surprised and delighted by the range of handmade/designer toys. From familiar animals to creatures from the imagination each one is pure joy.

I’m looking forward to finishing off a few toys this week for the opening of Untold Story where they will be for sale. I hope they find new homes where they will bring smiles and stories of there own.