Things I like…

Every now and again it’s nice to think about whats currently inspiring you as a creative, I guess thats why Pintrest and Tumblr et al are so awesome. So I guess this is what’s making me feel rad at the moment and things to look forward to.

I really like listening to Plume Giant. Gentle, whimsical, poetic and perfect for staring out of windows too and cuddling up in a blanket. Also great to make stuff to!


Another favourite past time when I’m not working, running around after kids/dog or looking after the house is curling up with a good magazine. Two magazines I have fallen in love with recently are Flow and Lionheart.

Flow hails from the Netherlands (I love it there, so much beauty!) and is filled to the brim with inspiration, imagery, fabulous articles, recipes, creativity and each page makes you smile. The 2nd international edition is available now.


Lionheart magazine is perfectly handbag sized and is produced in the UK. I really enjoy the tone of the publication, its like going for a cuppa with a great friend who recommends ace places to visit and tells you entertaining stories and gives you enviable style advice.  It’s well worth £5 as it has a great coffee table feel with its thick paper and wonderful artwork, a real keeper!


I want to go and stay at the Flying Pancake B & B in Amsterdam. My partner and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam by train this winter and I think we have found the perfect place to stay and we have searched endlessly for the perfect mix of style, design and location. Just outside the hustle and bustle it will be perfect for the much needed getaway with a touch of romance. It will be my first holiday in three years and the first time I have spent more than one night away from my disabled son for a long time.



Autumn and winter food and drink!!!

Apple and Cheddar scones from Smitten Kitchen.




Creamy Pan Fried Mushrooms and Poached Egg from Island Menu, truly wonderful photography and food!





Drunken Banner and house.

Recently I was asked to sew a large flag/banner for the Strong Island stage ‘Drunken Sailor’ at Southsea Fest. I really enjoyed making the flag and it looked rad hanging behind the bands as they played! Im also getting to that point where the house even though we rent is feeling like home.





Play this list

Oh its been so long since I did one of these. So to celebrate a beautiful looooonnnggg weekend kick back and listen.

  • Saturday Morning – Real Estate
  • Third Wave – Work Drugs
  • Summas Bliss  WU LYF
  • Definite Darkness – Cymbals Eat Guitars
  • Twelve Roses – Beach Fossils
  • Grounded – Pavement
  • The Funk – Oh No

Ooh la Lapin playlist curated by CURXES

A huge thank you to Roberta from band CURXES for taking up the challenge of compiling this weeks playlist and its a treat. It actually includes ‘one’ of those songs that defined my Saturday nights when I was 15 ‘Do you remember the first time’ by Pulp. I think my parents were driven made by hearing it thumping through the floor!

CURXES (Macaulay Hopwood and Roberta Fidora)

  • The Adjustor – Octopus Project
  • Sabres – For Against
  • Generation – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  • Love Song – The Cure
  • B.O.B – OutKast
  • Chorus – Erasure
  • Glass Danse – The Faint
  • Never Let Me Down Again – Depeche Mode
  • This Womens Work – Kate Bush
  • Tears – The Chameleons UK
  • Cities in Dust – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • West End Girls – The Pet Shop Boys
  • Trans Europe Express – Kraftwerk
  • Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell
  • Hanging On – Active Child
  • Save a Prayer – Duran Duran
  • Bleed Like There Was No Other Flood – Wildbirds and Peacedrums
  • Radio Head – Talking Heads
  • Fancy Footwork – Chromeo
  • Do You Remember The First Time? – Pulp
  • Only Shallow – My Bloody Valentine
  • Blue Steel – Bot’Ox
Listen to the playlist here.

Here is also a physical copy of the mix CD lovingly hand decorated.

Ooh la Lapin playlist: Look Above

I seriously recommend this list as the light relief of Wizards Sleeve by Yo La Tengo will make you smile from ear to ear!

Listen to it here.



  • Nantes – Beirut
  • Scale it Back – DJ Shadow and Little Dragon
  • Endless Eye – Alain Johannes
  • Rum Hee –  Shogu Tokumaru
  • Who Will Bring Us Together – Lacrosse
  • Fentry – Grandaddy
  • Wizards Sleeve – Yo La Tengo
  • Not Good Enough – Chain and The Gang

chain and the gang