10 things to make you happy.

Yes this may be a bit of fluff blog post, but hey when isn’t my blog fluffy? I like to think people visit ooh la lapin because its fun, cute and fluffy! Its also all to easy this time of year with the seasons changing to feel a bit down. On a serious note as a person who suffers from anxiety and depression its important to think good thoughts even when you feel like its impossible.

  • The work of Bryony Jennings aka Pretty Scruffy. Her beautiful shop down the road in Chichester and her textile animal sculptures are pure works of beauty!

  • The music of This is the Kit¬†always makes me feel peaceful, inspired and joyful, I often listen to them when I am working away sewing or painting. I am also excited to hear they are touring the UK and hope to catch them playing London in December.

  • The work of Parisian artist Nathalie Lete, I recently bought a bag decorated with her painting, she also makes commissioned one off pieces and 3d textile work.



  • Going for a walk on the beach on an Autumnal day, when its sunny but slightly cloudy but very breezy. Its just right now to wrap up in a big wooly, chunky socks, grab a camera and a friend and go for a bracing stroll. I love living by the sea and Southsea is the most wonderful place to live and work!

image courtesy of Often Hover, Southsea Beach.

  • Making seasonal recipes! Seasonal food is always cheaper, seasonal seems to one of these words bandied about that has lost its meaning. To me it means fresh. I really like food blog Smitten Kitchen and it has always been a go to for recipes when hosting dinner parties. Today I am giving this a go Leek, Chard and Corn Flatbread, After getting our veg box yesterday it was full of rainbow chard and I am determined to get the children to like goats cheese, they will like it, they will!!!


  • Browsing craft tutorials and starting to think about making Christmas gifts, omg yes! I love this herb garden egg box from You Are My Fav, the blog also has lots of other DIY bits and pieces.

  • A good soak! Nothing beats a bath, after the kids have been put to bed and all is still I run a bath and have a good long soak. I only do this a couple of times a month as its a luxury and keeps it special. My favourite thing to cleanse myself with is Soap and glory Clean on Me.


  • Good healthy food. I made a decision recently to eat better, I had slipped into a coma of junk and comfort food. I side affect was going up nearly two dress sizes and feeling tired and worn out. I have no problem being curvy but feeling rubbish all the time was enough. I would also never lecture people on what to eat, at the end of the day live and let live! I smoke so I can hardly judge ha ha. So when Able and Cole put a leaflet through he door I thought ‘why not?’ we have a small food budget and i think the box makes me use all the food and think about what we are cooking.

  • Good Friends! A big shout out to Naomi and Angelo for being super awesome friends, they are always here for us, back me up and a cup of tea and a chat always make it better. Also they are talented, funny and honest.

  • Laughter is the best medicine. When I’m feeling a bit blue Josh and I curl up with a season of 30 Rock and a glass of wine. I adore it so much Tina Fey plays the main character and pretty much plays herself, its fantastic.