A rainy day.

Woah, where did that come form? Autumn is well and truly here! The rain has not stopped pouring today, the wind is rattling the windows and a the low rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance.

Its days like this I wished I owned a cozy cabin that looked like this (via cabinporn)

With an interior like this…

I would while away the hours making these flannel crochet edged blankets…

Oh and I would bake this beautiful Swedish cardamon buns (via honeymoon child)

Alas thats enough fantasising for now. Back to washing dishes, vacuuming and chasing after children.


Im away!

Ooh well this is nifty, you can set your blog to post on any day you like so I thought I would do that (little happy smile). I am probably in Lille at the moment or maybe Brussels?

Here are some nice things to do this week!

Lovely things to do with washi tape here


Make a pretzel log cabin, you know it would be awesome.


Knit some simple organic yarn wash cloths, if you wrap them up with some love soap they would make lovely gifts!


have a read of Oh The Lovely Things, its an adorable site.

Hope your having a joyous week!