Why non profit?

If something costs more does it make it more legitimate? I’m not talking about selling art work but rather providing workshops. Being self-employed I absolutely understand the need to make a profit and I’m not undermining that, I need to earn a crust too. I’m more talking about ‘passion projects’. For me my passion project is body positivity as movement and the amazing people that make that whole scene so accessible. Especially artists who create imagery that explains it, motivates and delivers the overall message of self love and accepting your body.

When I decided that I would follow my heart and offer a body positive craft workshop I did question whether anyone would want to come…well it’s fully booked! I also questioned whether it was right to make money from people’s insecurities. After all they are the brave ones for wanting to attend an event where they will be sharing some intimate stuff about themselves and their bodies (if they want to) with a room of people they have only just met.

I’m not a counsellor or therapist but I have 8 years experience of running and facilitating art workshops, specifically art and health/mental health. I am also a recovered anorexic and have gone on that journey and I’m still on that journey to self acceptance.

Next year I will be starting University and so I can become a qualified art therapist. I know it will be completely worth all the studying and debt (unless my dreams come true and we get a Labour government) and education becomes free again!


So the body positive workshops I will be running this year will be completely non profit so they are as accessible as possible. There will be suggested ticket price to help cover costs (renting the space, materials, snacks) for those that can afford to contribute. Any money left over will roll over into subsequent workshops. I will also be applying for funding with the plan to make the sessions completely free.

If you find something so good you should share it with others.

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