Body Positive Workshop.

On Saturday 17th of March I ran the first Body Positive workshop and I’m glad to say it was fully booked. Donations from attendees covered all costs and we have a bit leftover to invest in the next workshop.

We discussed what the Body Positive movement actually is, very few had heard of it. We discussed disability, mental health, mindfullness and body image (amongst other things). After that we did some creative drawing exercises, drawing each other without looking at the paper which produced some great art work and made everyone feel happy and relaxed. We eventually got round to designing badges and patches. Some people started sewing, others took bits home and a couple of patches were left with me to do (always happy to help!)

We are starting a small library of books too and hopefully that will be up and running at the next session. These include books on feminism, equal rights and anything positive and empowering. If you would like to donate a book please email me

Dates for forthcoming workshops will be released soon.



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