Vans x Liberty

This girls heart went all a flutter upon hearing the news that Liberty have leant there beautiful fabric prints to Vans for a special edition collection. I am huge fan of both and will be getting my paws on some as soon as my bank balance allows. Im not sure which are my favourite though.



A day, Christmas tree and skate shoes.

Yesterday I manned (womanned) the Aspex Light house with artists Wendy Middleditch and Letty Clarke. We started decorating our tree kindly donated by Something Interesting with families who popped in throughout the day, much fun was had! Before work I spent time with one of my kid Phoebe who was adamant she wanted some skate shoes so we hit up the Vans store and then hung out in the gallery eating cake and drawing before my shift.

Chocolate cake and art


New shoes and my old shoes


new drawing


The tree


a rabbit atop the tree





did a bit of painting


then put it on the wall