House rabbit and new tattoo

I must say it was such a pleasure last week to finally meet my good friend Elliot’s house rabbit Baloo. He snuffled about making adorable little grunting noises, it helped me calm down before I headed off to get my latest tattoo.







I must stay focused

Arggh I truly have bitten of more than I can chew, hey thats alright though, sometimes it makes us more productive. My project for my Uni placement is going well, more on that later though.

I’m already getting excited about Spring/Summer fashion for 2012 and to stay ahead of the game can start making some dresses soon.

Loving Dr Martens collection for 2012…


More florals, yay I’m so happy I love vintage floral fabrics, check out Mod Cloth for these styles.





Buying dress patterns from Colette, find there UK stockist list here.


I also want to grow my hair, dye it red and get some more tattoos this year.