Inking and arting.

Recently I have embarked on a tattooing apprenticeship, today I am going to do my 10th tattoo which is a little milestone I guess. I’m always open to designing a tattoo for you (not actually tattooing) and my design rate starts from as little as £40 so do get in touch. I’m just learning so my work is very rough at the moment but some lovely souls have let me practice on them.   In other news I’ve started work on a beautiful book which will be published next year. Check out the snowy concept artwork below.   Finally I have moved into my brand new studio upstairs at the Make and the Craft Kitchen. Ive already made some new toys so look out for them at Boxparks Tusch und Egon and Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl.


The last day of summer.

Phew what a crazy few weeks it’s been? I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic, hectic and beautiful the summer was.


The Liberty interview went really well and I’ve gone away from it being asked to design a child friendly toy for Liberty which I’m so happy about!!! A lot of alcohol was consumed post interview and a few tears of joy and tiredness were shed.


Southsea Fest happened on Saturday and it was my first time DJing all day for Pie and Vinyl with my gal pal Rachael under the name ‘Death Bitto’. Watch this space as we will DJing a party for the launch of the Girls DIY art zine in November, all the fun! I also designed a rad poster for Southsea Fest which all the bands signed, yippee!



Also to add to the creative chaos I have started my tattoo apprenticeship with the uber talented Samo White. It’s such a challenge but I love it.


Im also pleased to be included in the Creative Cargo project and book as well as being featured by Niji Magazine. Starting to feel a bit cool, only a little bit though.


accept badgers

Yes you should totally ACCEPT badgers.


I must stay focused

Arggh I truly have bitten of more than I can chew, hey thats alright though, sometimes it makes us more productive. My project for my Uni placement is going well, more on that later though.

I’m already getting excited about Spring/Summer fashion for 2012 and to stay ahead of the game can start making some dresses soon.

Loving Dr Martens collection for 2012…


More florals, yay I’m so happy I love vintage floral fabrics, check out Mod Cloth for these styles.





Buying dress patterns from Colette, find there UK stockist list here.


I also want to grow my hair, dye it red and get some more tattoos this year.