Lapin Photo Diary

The past few days I have been mostly…



Todays a bit important

Gosh the art thing is really taking off! Having to make work for two exhibitions, an interview for Uni today and lots of super projects to look forward, cant wait to get New York trip sorted! Photos I have taken which make me smile…



my lounge







Does any of this matter?

Woah that’s a big question for a Saturday morning I hear you gasp, oh yeah it is. I’m talking about making, art, culture, film, music, fashion blah blah blah.

It’s a big fat yes, because without it our lives would be so pitifully grey and boring we would be rocking back and forth banging our heads against the wall, would we not? So the next time your hear someone say ‘the arts are a waste of money’ or ‘why would you waste your time painting’ or ‘whats the point of being in a band cause you wont ever make it’ tell them to be silent.

Street art ‘Billie Holiday’

Steve Powers

Amazing old BMX photos from DEFgrip these remind me of the freedom of youth before we are told that to feel free is a load of rubbish.

For some reason these make me think about my life, in a good way!