Happy Lapin Christmas

Happy Christmas to all my lovely readers! We have just finished opening our gifts and I have the most wonderful t-shirt from Bored and the a wrap/scarf with a fox, bunny and bird on it.

Here are some nice pictures to look at, have a terrific day!









Looking back to the futurelooking back

Ooh la Lapin will be 2 years old in April 2012 but before Ooh la Lapin I had been making and selling for 4 or so years. Its been a happy slog so here’s a look back a kinda makey timeline if you will…

panda from 2006


A stall with the amazing Maddy Made


2007 in Germany


lots of things back in 08




oh we all love Betsy


These toy found a home with the lovely Claire Sambrook


toybox I made/decorated


love a bit of this


giant squid




cross stitch


so many happy memories

The Butcher Kings

Oh isnt it a wonderful thing when two like minded people/artists come together, shut themselves in a cabin for 35 days and produce loads of work for a show. Thats just beautiful and kinda messed up! I warn you though its not for the easily offended so if your a bit squeamish dont click the links, bless you.  Alex Pardee one half of the duo says…


For 35 days straight, Skinner and I shacked up together, cut off the outside world, gave two shits about what anyone wanted us to paint for a new collection of pieces, and laughed our way maniacally through mutual therapy as we may or may not had been committing career suicide. And it was the best 35 days of my life.

If you hadn’t been following us and have no idea what “The Butcher Kings” show is, you can read a pretty good summary of the madness leading up to the event over on my TUMBLR page HERE.


I came across these guys through my love of musician Kimya Dawson and the fact that Alex worked on the art work for her recent release ‘Thunder Thighs’.

There work appeals to me as it involves toys, kitchness, the slightly gross/weirdness and messing with characters from pop culture.