Boys who do it well: part 9

Oh yes its that time again, my favourite post of the week. Credit where credits due this week so lets kick off with Southsea’s food Lord…

Charlie Thompson…

Absolute food hero, blogger, cyclist and all round good chap. Charlie is the man behind Southsea Food Social an informal and friendly guide to cooking, eating and entertaining. Also a fellow team player in Strong Island and the only man to make me cry by not breaking my heart but by making me chop shallots. He also has awesome taste in music and loves chilli which in my book earns major Brownie points!

Next is Illustrator and designer Dan Matutina

Dan is based in the Philippines and his work is AMAZING! I want one of his tees and his style is sick. Being geek and proud, I love his celebration of nerd style.

This guy melts me, its Ian Reid!

Photo courtesy of shit cake

Ian Reid, the man behind “Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape,” “Tales From The Hood” is one of the original dudes to bring skateboarding to New York City. Straight out of Brooklyn, NY. Ian shoots film and photography, some pretty hot ladies in there (be warned younger readers).

Brooklyn shot by Ian Reid, I cant wait to go next year!

Well thats all  folks, be back with a little post later today about last nights Strong Island Festivities!