Hey London you were great!

On Sunday Emily and I went to visit Liberty of London as I have been selected to give a presentation about my work on August 30th. Fingers and toes crossed they might like me enough to stock me. Along with my wonderful friend Riella (a film maker for The School of Life) we wandered around Liberty wide eyed at all the many wondrous beautiful things. I came away with some fabric, trim and some pretty dachshund cards from the stationary section. I also feel a bit more confident about going back at the end of the month with my toys!!!

Emily and I visited my favourite label Lazy Oaf.


After Liberty I was really excited about visiting Boxpark in Shoreditch and delivering some work to my first London stockist Tusch & Egon. This was beyond exciting as I now have an outlet for my creatures in such a beautiful, contemporary space as Boxpark. It was all a bit overwhelming so we went for a drink down Brick Lane before returning to Southsea.

My toys safely arrived at Tusch and Egon.

Being, making, creating and shaping.


This is me and my lovely friend, collaborator and artistic pal Emily Neale. We sometimes sell our stuff together like at Crafty Fox (pictured above) and we hang out lots, walk our dogs together and dream up lots of creative plans! You should check out her work, its great!


Some of mine and Emily’s toys.


Photo by Josh Knill

I still can’t believe how amazing this year has been so far! Ive moved studio twice!!! I’ve just been offered another work space which is top secret at the moment and i’ll reveal all soon. I’ve had some fabulous commissions too.

My next big project is working for Portsmouth City Council and with the residents of Somerstown to create public art work for their new community hub. Im so happy they liked our idea and that we get to work in a part of our city that deserves wonderful aspirational creative work.

The latest

I am so in love with instagram, it really is the best way of keeping a visual diary of all your daily goings on.

Here are some of my latest adventures…

On location doing a toy shoot in the woods.

Date night at our local funfair.

My little dachshund Margot.

I visited the Cartoon Museum in Holborn, London last week.

Pistachio Macaroon at Salon Paul in London.

My vintage cat ornament collection.

New tags

Cafe garden at Casa de Castro

Eggs and asparagus lunch.

Finishing off Mr Lumberjack in the studio.

Photo Diary

This week we got a miniature Dachshund puppy and called her Margot. The sun has been shining and the house is coming together too. I love my little owl ornament my friend Sarah gave me for my birthday and have been hanging out in the Southsea Coffee Co for the best coffee and pan au raisin in Portsmouth.

I also made a yummy roast vegetable and goats cheese pizza and teamed it with a colourful summer salad. Summer eating is so good and so is a great read like The Simple Things magazine. The article on the London Underground was wonderful and I really want to get hold of some of the prints of poster to display in my home. The London Transport Museum shop has a wonderful selection of posters and other deign pieces.










There and back again.

Woah what a trip! 24 hours in the capital just wore me out but we had so much fun. Highlights include…

Visiting The Tanks at Tate Modern

Strolling along the Southbank and having BFI coffee

Our Mutual Friends at Jerwood

Sunset walk over Blackfriars Bridge

Drinks, music and comedy at The unicorn and Lion in Kentish Town.

Drunken pesto pasta

Urban foxes sunbathing on sheds

Meeting up with Naomi living up to her twitter name @vintagesecret for showing us The Vintage Emporium and a me finally getting to visit The Shop on Cheshire Street (see fabric haul below).






Off to London

Today Josh and I travel to London. Oh I do love a little night away in our amazing capital, but it is for work I assure you. We have been invited to Jerwood Space this evening to attend the launch of a project we are working on called ‘Our Mutual Friends‘. Click that link to read more about this fascinating project!

So naturally a few things were running through my mind, the first was ‘What to wear’? I intend on wearing my home made ¬£10 dress and my lovely healed lace up ankle boots. Secondly was where to stay for the night? Well my Uncle Chris and his fantastic husband Johnny are putting us up for the night and we are attending a comedy gig together after Jerwood, so I will let you know how that goes!

Well wish me luck, no rain and a witty sparkling intellect for the evening!

London gets hit up

So whoa what a weekend, check out our London adventures. Must say we were happy to return to beautiful Southsea and enjoyed the beach all day today, London we love you but hey it aint no Southsea. Highlights included De Hems in Soho, Tokyo Fixed Gear and Boxpark in Shoreditch where I ate the best burger of my life at Bukowski accompanied by a fine 7% organic cider mmmmmm.












Then back home to this…