Boys who do it well: part 11

Ahoy there its Friday so that means its your weekly dose of creative fellas! Ooh its been a difficult choice this week especially with the submissions coming in. So without further ado…

First up its Mark Persaud the guy behind Divine Aesthetic and part of C.O.R crew . Obviously a very creative chap and strong part of the cultural scene here in Portsmouth, oh and he is responsibly for the Pompey Eye Test!  I think that he deserves a special place in the BWDIW hall of fame. Mark we salute you!

I wrote a little bit about this dude on Strong Island the other day cause I totally love his photography, its Josh Knill. I was checking out his fims on Vimeo today and love this time lapse bike ride from his home to Eldon Building. He is also part of Sock Puppet Productions a creative design collective, go check them out!

Lastly a guy whose music I’m really loving at the moment its Ben Cooper aka Radical Face. Just one of those musicians you kind of come across by accident, a happy accident. Acoustic,orchestral, warm, ahh whats not to love.

I thought I would leave you with a little Christmas post card I made of Devendra Banhart, enjoy.