Today at the gallery and other tales…

Jo hacked Wendy's book


we made paper trees


whilst laughing at hipsters on Dalston Superstars


Jo glasses


paper glasses Jo made me, cheers Jo!


We also made some collages and laughed lots as well as having a super important meeting with the best Venn diagram I have ever seen!

I also ordered some amazing stuff from the Wrap  shop and you can find there site here ‘the wrap paper’ with all sorts of amazing stuff.

I ordered a copy of ‘Dark Days, Bright Nights’ ISSUE 3

and the ‘Hunting Wolves’ wrap pack…

someone is going to get some nicely wrapped presents for Christmas!


Happy birthday LJR’s and Star Wars a thon

Yes that’s right its Friday! I’m looking forward to an epic weekend, its Little Johnny Russells 5th birthday tomorrow so happy birthday Ben and the crew!

As a recovery tool we are doing a Star Wars marathon on Sunday commencing around 3pm and watching the 3 originals back to back, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, plus a roast dinner WIN!


I am not afraid to admit I am a geek, it basically meant at school I was an outsider. As painful as this period of my life was its taught me to feel pretty darned cool about being an individual. Once that’s sucked out of you how can you be original, challenging or creative?

I ran into a lot of problems about who I was and how I fitted into the world and to be quite honest I had some severe problems with depression and acute anorexia for most of my teens. Then I turned to intense drug use to escape and bad relationships. I now realise all that time I was running from something, but what? Just not being true to myself, and I discovered I could make things, like music, craft and art. It made me happy and I stopped running, I became aware that the universe is bigger, bolder and more fantastic and I was part of it and that rocked!