Im back and better

Well what can I say that was the best trip I have ever been on La Malterie was awesome and Netwerk in Belgium blew my mind! Went to bed at 1am this morning and got up this morning and went straight to work at Aspex to have breakfast with the girls. I cracked on with transforming the staff room into an amazing creative hub. I made the ‘Narwhal’ a wall of ideas and sharing for all the staff.




Its a blank canvas at the moment, but will hopefully become a space to share art, ideas and random stuff. I also moved the furniture and cleaned it to make it a better space to hang out. Im doing the first communal supper this Friday too, something I learnt from Netwerk. Time to break down heirachy and make a happy gallery staffing team hurrah!

I also have a few pics to share from the trip avoila…


Hey ho lets go!

Yay so I went out Saturday night in my ‘costume’ and I bumped into my fav Star Wars character of all time…

My best friend in the world Heidi, Boba Fett and me!

I got pretty hot dancing in that blonde wig! A big thanks to all my lovely friends who made Saturday night super fun and I ended up d.jaying at a lovely house party.

So lots in pipeline at the moment, there is the exhibition opening on Thursday, come down for 6.30 and have a drink with me.

Next week I am off to France and Belgium for a week with 3 of the ladies from gallery. We will be visiting LaMalterie first in Lille, its an old brewery converted into a huge arts centre, awesome!

An empty industrial site, once again a place of work, a creative meeting place, la malterie was created in Lille over 10 years ago. It has since evolved and its mission is based around the idea of experimentation, making la malterie an artistic laboratory where artists can share space with each other and collaborate.

La malterie was created by artists and continues to be artist led.

                                                                                            shiko shiko at La Malterie