Dear Little Menagerie: an exhibition

Preparation has begun in earnest for my first ever solo exhibition which opens on the 7th March at Pie and Vinyl and runs until the end of April. If you have ever visited Pie + Vinyl you’ll understand why I chose it as my venue.

Image of Pie and Vinyl: Joe Watson

I am working with talented illustrator Stuart Linfield to produce a book to accompany the show which tells the story of each toy/character. Stu is also designing a poster for the show which resembles a Victorian book cover, can’t wait to show you!

My partner Josh shot the image of one of my bunnies and hand painted sign, so cute!


I will keep you updated with any developments and some little pictures here and there.


Lapin Diary

Yesterday was lovely, stopped by Room 237 with fellow artist Lee Casey to organise an exhibition we will be doing with Ashley John as a collective. The preview is March 7th, more details to follow in February!

Lee Casey Owl

Ashley John sketchbook pages

In other exciting news I took some photos whilst out and about yesterday, I especially like the selection of items in thrift store Junk City on Elm Grove…




I then headed into work for a meeting and upon my arrival was greeted by the cutest sausage dog I ever did see, little Archie. He belongs to artist Blue Curry who was safely wrapping his art work now that Emergency 5 has finished. Little Archie enjoyed scamping around the gallery and being picked up for cuddles.