The latest

I am so in love with instagram, it really is the best way of keeping a visual diary of all your daily goings on.

Here are some of my latest adventures…

On location doing a toy shoot in the woods.

Date night at our local funfair.

My little dachshund Margot.

I visited the Cartoon Museum in Holborn, London last week.

Pistachio Macaroon at Salon Paul in London.

My vintage cat ornament collection.

New tags

Cafe garden at Casa de Castro

Eggs and asparagus lunch.

Finishing off Mr Lumberjack in the studio.


Lapin photo diary

Hey lovelies, so I’m working full time for the next two weeks at the gallery so expect intermittent crazy blog posts (hurray), plus working on my Uni project. A lot hangs in the balance. Saturday saw me having a monster panic attack, it was so scary, I hate those things. Here are some photos I took Sunday, walking my Ma and Pa’s doggy.








Then back in the home in the warmth of the studio x