In my studio or my mind.

Some photos from todays pottering in the lapin burrow.

I love my sewing machine, tons of stickers and scrawling in Sharpie make it mine.

My beaten old sewing/work desk repeatedly stamped.

I have 4 or so jars that hold scraps, treasure and odd bits.

Happy feet resting by my knitting and fabric bags.

I love this old crochet blanket, it was made by our aunt as a wedding present and its huge!

Just hand finishing another delightful addition to the ooh la lapin family.

Wilbur my cat has a large cushion that he sleeps on next to my desk, occasionally he lazily tries to attack a stray piece of wool or cotton dangling from my lap.

Made this little felt chap today, he has a mini boarding pass,where is he going?

I have enjoyed sharing my day. Have super happy weekend!

A list of stuff for 2012


So basically this is the ‘plan’ for next year…

  • Do some kick ass volunteer/intern stuff with Gasworks.


  • I really want to d.j live, basically I want have the power to make people I don’t know dance.


  • Go to Uni in September 2012 and do an Illustration degree.

I guess a lot will change next year, but I cant really say for sure yet!