Boys Who Do it Well: part 7

Oh the long awaited post that is BWDIW! It feels like an age since last weeks bevy of local boys. Drum roll please. heres this weeks list of whose hot and creative…

I have been waiting ages to feature this guy and have a HUGE art crush on him, its Corey Arnold!

He only came to my attention a few weeks ago in Brussels train station when I bought a copy of Snoecks magazine. His photography on the front made me part with 15euros even though I couldnt understand a word in the magazine, gazing at the pictures was worth it!. I cant begin to list all his amazing projects here so you have to go see for yourself .

Next up is musician King Charles,  pretty songs and rocking a strong look. He most definitely has it going on, I wonder if he is looking for a Queen? call me yeah?

Ed Templeton is a skater and artist. Some of his work can be pretty challenging and you kind of want to look away and then look again. His wife also features a lot in his work. My favourite series that Ed did was called ‘Teenage Kissers’ and its very poignant.

some images from ‘Teenage Kissers’

Thats all for this weeks effort!