The joy of buying handmade!

Don’t be afraid to give handmade, crafted or vintage as gifts.

A staggering 80% of my birthday gifts this year were handmade or vintage/charity shopped. I think a good rule to give yourself for buying gifts this Christmas could be 50/50, it’s manageable and fun to track down locally produced goods and the other 50% can be whatever you like. If you can manage 100% local shopping, handmade/designed/crafted then that’s fantastic, but my 6 year old wants a Furby and even though I am self employed as a toy maker by trade not even I can manage to make one of those annoying things!

I will be trying to stick to my 50/50 rule and hopefully get a bit more handmade so perhaps a 70/30 split?

I actually think it makes you happier, I can’t scientifically prove it but I think it does. Here are some gift ideas to make you happy.



Noodoll stamp set


Oooh Betty (who donates 25% profit to charity)


Mica Peet

gift tag

Felt Mountain Studio


These Folk